Indivisible’s Indiegogo Campaign Gets Extended

Indivisible’s Indiegogo Campaign Gets Extended

The creator of Skullgirls is fighting tooth and nail to branch into the world of action-RPGs, and their campaign — which was floundering a little — has just gotten an important boost.

Despite launching a prototype of the RPG on the PlayStation Store and online for PCs, Lab Zero Games and Indivisible were struggling. The game needs US$1.5 million to get made and it was around US$600,000 short with only a few days left.

But after breaching the US$900,000 limit, Indiegogo has granted the campaign the thing it needs most — more time. Indivisible’s campaign will now run for another 22 days, giving Lab Zero the time it needs to raise the US$538,000+ needed to get made.

The developers have even created an overlay for streamers to drum up further interest in the project. It’ll be interesting to see whether they manage to hit their target. Publisher 505 Games has promised to inject another US$2 million into the game if they do.

Mike checked out the prototype a little while ago and was pleasantly surprised — it’s got a solid base of mechanics, animation and art style to work from. If you want to find out more, you can do so at Lab Zero’s Indiegogo page.


    • If they make the goal, they get the money, plus $2 million. If they don’t make the goal, they get nothing.

      Besides, it’s a really great game. It’s a better action RPG in alpha than many are at release.

      • If they don’t make the goal, they also fold as a company. It was spoken about during one of the Skullgirls livestreams.

  • Oh thank gawd for the extension! I was really quite keen on backing but money has been tight this month. The extra 3 weeks means I’ll have enough of a buffer to pitch in! 😀

  • It’s going to be a tight race barring any last minute rushes. It took them around 17 days to go from $500k to their current amount so assuming a constant rate they’ll make it but if it drops off then it’ll be close.

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