Infinity: Battlescape Warps Over Its Kickstarter Goal With Two Days To Go

It was looking solid for a while, and then it was looking a little slow, but I-Novae Studios will finally have the money to turn the Infinity engine into a fully fledged game after their crowdfunding campaign trickled over the line with just over two days remaining.

At the time of writing, Battlescape had raised $424,628, a fraction over its goal of $422,832. I-Novae had raised 93% of their goal with 3 days remaining. Raising more than $4000 in the last 24 hours has ensured that Infinity won't descend into the annals of vapourware, although it doesn't look like any of the stretch goals, including a better damage model for internal systems, better capital ships, the Fighter class and improved atmospherics will be added to the game.

A key stretch goal that is also highly unlikely to make it is mod support, with the developers setting that stretch goal at US$800,000. That goal also included "a virtual marketplace similar to Steam Workshop", which is an interesting target given that one imagines they would be launching on Steam regardless.


    I backed this, the seamless space to planet flying looks really cool. Hope they can flesh it out some more.
    A real shame that most, if not all of the stretch goals will be missed - The atmospheric effects on planets would have been really nice.

      I think the reality is, it is better that the stretch goals are not there, it should mean that we will get a solid finished game. All of those stretch goals could easily come in updates or a 2.0 version if the game proves popular.
      I'm a linux/OSX guy, but I have accepted that gaming just happens on Windows, so not too sad that the cross platform tier didn't get hit.

      But with the private beta estimated to begin in April 2017, I'm finding it hard to get excited yet.

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    For me is devastating that they didn't get the 1.5 million. They were promising linux/osx at that tier. Can only hope the engineer is already cross platform, but it's unlikely :(

    I think this conversion from USD to AUD thing is really confusing... I think it would make more sense to just write it down as is from the original source and then denote the currency.

    I had to remove my pledge of $45 down to $1, mainly because I'm ultra tight on finance this time of year and secondly I expected the KS to reach $1.5million like other people were hoping for. Basically game is going to be quite limited so I will still get a copy at some point but not as hyped about it anymore.

    Majority of the stuff I was interested in was all stretch goals, now we get a vanilla shooter with 100 maybe 200 players per server in a limited setting. Oh and no Linux support is not good.

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