It Sucks To Be Mario These Days

Once upon a time rescuing the Princess was a fairly straight forward process for Mario.

Those days are over.

Yeah, it sucks to be Mario these days. Levels are stupidly hard. He dies over and over again. Either that or he just runs really fast in one direction or stands still for a minute or so.

Poor Mario.


    I kind of assumed Mario Maker would end up like it is now, just heaps hectic levels.

    I went to a mates house and was happy to plonk down a decent chunk of time on a lengthy level that was going to try and be as composed as an original but.... The actual width of the levels is wayyyyy too short IMO, it would be so much better if the width restriction was about 5-10x as long as it is now. I think people are just limited to a set size so there's not much else to do with it.

    For me it was a slightly underwhelming premise as a standalone game and once I saw the width restriction it was a done deal, pretty huge waste of time. Very disappointed at this offering.

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