Emily Is An Early Adopter

Briefly: "It's 2002, that shit will never work." A character in story game Emily Is Away — which takes place in a fake version of AOL Instant Messenger — finds out about Steam. They are (probably) not wrong. Emily Is Away is now free on Steam, if you're interested.


    They didn't sell software and movies on it back in '02, but sure.

    I knew it was doomed, when she admitted to being a Coldplay fan. Then aural memory kicked in, and I'm hearing the old ICQ "uh-oh" in my brain.


        And then i YouTubed old ICQ sounds, like the fog horn start-up... decent view counts, so i feel a little better about it all, not being alone.

          How good was bumping someone in MSN messenger.

            Oh, the fun of ganging up to bump-spam someone in group chat...

    Been playing through this looking for the most different kind of endings...

    I'm really not liking it. You get treated like shit no matter what? Wtf? Even when you do the RIGHT thing.

      Yeah, the "interactive" part is almost non-existent. You can affect which other guy she picks, and that's pretty much it. Or it'll end early if you're a total bastard towards her, and dismiss anything she says.

        You can make her end up with another guy than Brad?

        I mean it's a noble idea, but it's pretty poorly thought out.

        1. She breaks up with Brad.
        2. She talks about feelings for me just after she's broken up with Brad.
        3a. She comes visits, sleeps with me and accuses me of setting the whole thing up.... wtf.
        3b. She comes visits, hangs around the dorm, sleeps with me and accuses me again of the same thing.
        3c. I tell her sure you can visit BUT AS FRIENDS, and she goes on about how she's hurt by me saying we can only be friends, how I changed everything blah blah blah...
        3c. I tell her no it's not a good idea given you just broke up... you really shouldn't visit as it could make things awkward. But then, suddenly, again IM THE BADGUY for considering her emotional state and feelings in the long run.

        It's frustrating, annoying and.... well to be honest kind like real life lol.

          The other guy she mentions back in the first chapter. Tyler?

          I can dig the game's intention, and had some flashbacks to that kind of school drama B.S (from the outside, thankfully)... I don't know, the Steam page made me expect something else, from "interactive." Couldn't even hold down Control to speed up the text, like some of these games.

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