It's Not All Bad: AMD's Snatched A Sliver Of The GPU Market Back From NVIDIA

It's no secret NVIDIA is dominating the discrete graphics market, despite AMD's best efforts. However, while the latter company may have lost a chunk of market share compared to last year, the most recent quarter saw it claw back a little. But only a little.

As John Papadopulos over at DSOGaming writes, AMD managed to steal 0.8 per cent of the market from NVIDIA. Sadly, it's small consolation considering AMD is still down 10 per cent from last year's figures, according to research firm JPR:

Image: JPR

The JPR report points out that these numbers are for all "add-in graphics boards" or AIBs. Along with gamers, GPUs have their uses in many industries, particularly the scientific where their immense parallel processing power is valuable.

For AIBs as a whole, the market has increase almost 30 per cent "quarter-to-quarter". JPR also provides figures for the desktop market, which saw a modest boost of 7.6 per cent.

Big numbers, but shipments have actually fallen universally compared to last year:

On a year-to-year basis, we found that total AIB shipments for the quarter fell -3.9%, which is less than desktop PCs, which fell -8.9%.

So, AMD still has a lot of work ahead of it, but it's always better to see positive numbers than negative.

What's interesting is that JPR attributes some of the quarterly growth to "dual AIBs" — SLI and Crossfire configurations. Personally, I only know one person who goes to the trouble of running dual GPUs, but that might change come DirectX 12 and its multi-adaptor mode.

The Add-in board market increased in Q3'15; AMD gained market share; Nvidia lost share from the last quarter [Jon Peddie Research, via DSOGaming]


    WoW!!!! they improved a whole .8 % so thats like 2 more people buying AMD cards?


    Last edited 16/11/15 3:59 am

      I know you're being factious, but for anyone (like me) wondering what the difference is in real units, it's about 96,000 units.

    I jumped ship this weekend actually. First ever ATI card I've owned (MSI R9 380 4G) and honestly couldn't be happier.

    I guess I no longer see paying $50 more per additional frame per second as a clever way of spending my money.

    I've never understood why Nvidia has such a huge bandwagon. They cost so much more for very little performance difference and their drivers are just as bad.

    I haven't owned an Nvidia card since the early 2000s, when they decided that only the top end cards in a family deserved standard pixel shader support, but didn't actually make a whole lot of effort to tell people. I paid $350 for a midrange card that just couldn't run about 40% of newer games at the time. No Nividia. Never again.

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