JB Hi-Fi Is Selling A 55-Inch 4K Sony TV For Under $1500

Mark turned around and asked me, "Is this a good deal?"

I responded by staring and pointing at the monitor. It's $1000 off. Of course it's a good deal. Here's your Christmas TV upgrade.

It's a Sony 55" KD55X8500C, but instead of selling at the usual price of $2499 it's going for $1499 instead. It's in stock right now and according to Rtings it's more than decent for video games, although you might want to pick up a sound bar with the money you're saving.

As for why you should care about a TV at this price, here's why: it's a 4K UHD LED-LCD screen with Android TV, Wi-Fi, USB media playback, 4x HDMI ports, 3x USB, a LAN connection, one-touch mirroring (handy if you want to bugger around with the remote for whatever reason), bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone out, digital audio output and all the other stuff you'd expect a TV of this calibre to have.

It's in stock right now. It'll take around 5-7 working days to deliver or you can pick it up the same day, although you might have to trek it out to Homebush or another major outlet if your local store doesn't have it.

3840 x 2160. For $1499. The input lag is pretty good compared to other TVs released this year. Have at it.


    3.5mm headphone outWow. So many TVs always seem to only have optical audio out these days, I find it a nice surprise whenever they have some kind of analogue output like this.

      You can get a RCA to 3.5 adapter online that allows you to plug your headphone plug into the red-white audio out. It's basically a Y cable with a female 3.5 headphone connector at the other end. The only downside is that it doesn't have a separate volume control like some TVs have for the built in headphone plugs.

    I would totally pick this up if I didn't just upgraded my TV.

      Me too, I bought a new 4K 55inch TV like 2 weeks ago

      +1 just the other month for me :( Am gutted!
      This is why i don't look at sales for the things i've bought after i've got them lol

    Now I just need $1500

    Don't forget that you actually need something that displays 4K content too. Current consoles do not run games at 4K so unless you have 4K blu-rays and a compatible player, or good enough internet to stream 4K netflix, there probably isn't much point.

    Is there really much 4k content out there yet anyway?

      It is ideal for people like me who use their TV as a PC monitor.

        In the lounge room though right? Coz sitting that close to a 55in can't be good for your eyes. Even at 4K.

        I do have a HTPC connected to my TV, but I have no 4K content, and that's not a gaming PC.

          I use a 46" 1080p set as a monitor for my Intel NUC - no eye strain sitting right in front of it for my design and video editing work, it looks glorious actually!

      Yes but if you are due for a TV upgrade, no reason not to get one that's future proof.
      Netflix films a lot of their stuff in 4k too and a half decent NBN plan can handle that. It'll continue to reach more and more houses over the next few years.

        Completely agree. I'm not saying don't get it. Just that by the time 4K content is common, the price will be this low by default. By the time most people have internet capable of streaming 4k, then 8k TVs will be on sale.

      May as well get ready for it, seeing as its the same price as a lot of non-4k TV's :)

    Aldi's were selling a 48" 4K tele this week for $600. Prices are heading in the right direction :)

    I was eyeing one off as a monitor on Wednesday. It was raining, couldnt be bothered fighting the hordes.

    Damn, this couldn't come in like 3 weeks time when i have some money, i am looking for a new TV, but i am looking at the 55" TCL 4K.

    Thing you need to consider about 4K TV's is do they have HDMI 2.0 ports, if not than 4K is locked at 30Hz.

      Yeah I don't think it is HDMI 2.0. They use a boosted HDMI 1.4 with YUV420 to get 4K at 60hz.

    Aw darn! My family were looking to upgrade their tv so I convinced them to get a fullhd 55inch Sony at JB that was $500 off to $1499. Now they pull this shit two weeks later!

    What a great deal. Android TV and Google Cast ready are some awesome features.

    Bing lee also have it for $1800 so I am sure they could be bargain down for close to $1500.

    Last edited 06/11/15 2:46 pm

    Not big enough, but the price drop and sales currently are a good sign. I have a 50" Panasonic plasma that i've had for a few years, I think my lounge room (and my eyes) can take a much bigger set so I won't be upgrading until I can afford/am willing to pay the price for a 65" 4K set.

      Im looking to replace my 60" samsung plasma and Im appalled at the prices beyond 55"

        Yeah i'm with you there, it's a hell of a lot of money. I won't be getting that 65" 4K set anytime soon i'm sure but the prices ARE coming down, bit by bit.

    Question is why are they selling it that cheap. Im aware some 4K LED TVs have poor viewing angles and the upscaling isnt that good (and inlight of the lack of 4K content, you'll be watching everything upscaled)

      Supposedly these don't fully support HDR (so there goes a bit of the future proofing aspect one might hope for)... there's some comments on Whirlpool about it

    Would be awesome if you could sideload KODI on this!

      You shouldn't have to sideload, Kodi is compatible with the Nexus Player now (I'd imagine that should make it compatible with this too

    I get the feeling Kotaku AU gets all its deals from ozbargain, since they seem to appear oddly very shortly after they do there, but does not want to reference them.

    there may not be a huge amount of 4k atm in australia, but it is coming. In 6 weeks time ultra hd blu ray players will be here. Tv shows are starting to film in 4k, go pro camera's are in 4k for up market ones. And most importantly the up scaling of blu rays is pretty damn decent, i bought this tv at another competitor for same price. And movies look amazing compared to the full high def tv, u cant see the grains in the screen and pictures look sharp on it. I use this tv as a 2nd monitor and gaming tv. Although i use it for netflix as well awesome buy and sony have the lowest fault rate in the world :)

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