Jonathan Blow Posted A Strange New Look At The Witness

The Witness is Jonathan Blow's new game. Remember that guy? The guy that played a large part in kicking off what we now refer to as 'indie'?

It's been a long time since we've played a new Jonathan Blow game and I'm excited.

It's a game that's largely being worked on away from prying eyes, to the point where I know very little about the game and how it's going to work when it's finally released in 2016. That's probably a good thing.

This new video, posted today on Blow's YouTube page doesn't really provide any insight into how The Witness will play, but it does show us what it will look like. And it looks pretty. Very pretty.

I want this video game.


    I'll bet you cashmoney that after this game is released we'll hear that development was a nightmare.

      Senior artist on the team here. Just felt I had to reply. This is by far the best work environment I've ever been in. We have barely crunched and had plenty of time to make the correct creative choices, so yeah, the opposite of a nightmare!
      I actually cover some of it here, a talk we did about the art style of the game at GDC:

        always great to hear when that happens :)

        regardless, I'm going to be very interested if/when I see a postmortem on this project-- six+ years of development has to make for a lot of great stories and insights from everyone involved, and I bet there were a lot of unique design challenges you all couldn't have posted about on the blog due to some manner of spoilers

        a very warm thank you in advance for working on this game, I've been looking forward to it for a long while now

    Is it like a myst game?

      From everything I have read it seems to be in same vein as Myst and Talos Principle.

      I also read that at least one of the puzzles is ridiculously hard, but that just means it will probably take a really smart person a day to figure out :)

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