Just Cause 2’s Multiplayer Is Getting A Hefty Update This Week

Just Cause 2’s Multiplayer Is Getting A Hefty Update This Week

Given that there won’t be a multiplayer mod in Just Cause 3 for a while, and that Just Cause 3 isn’t out for another couple of weeks, it’s a good time to get re-acquainted with Rico’s destructive ways.

As it turns out, the best way to prepare yourself for JC3’s chaos in JC2 is to trawl the excellent multiplayer mod. And as it turns out, that’s getting a nice fat patch later this week.

The developers behind the mod made a post on their website recently, announcing that a major upgrade to the multiplayer patch would be rolled out 10:00 PM AEDT (7:00 PM Perth time) Wednesday. Those running AMD cards will need to use a legacy rendering option (in the Display settings) to avoid some rendering issues, but otherwise it’s scripting and features galore.

The big ticket items include:

Scriptable Client Actors: Scripters can now create their own client-side NPC’s! Civilian Model Support: All civilian models are now available to use! Depth-Tested Rendering: Render inside of the game world! Basic Unicode Support: Allowing use of more languages Main Menu Overhaul: Convenient access to your favourite servers Steam Achievements: Unlock them by completing tasks with players Major sync improvement to vehicles and on-foot weapons Implementation of following classes, which greatly improve client/server communication: SharedObject, NetworkObject, WorldNetworkObject Extended ability to store values from player-only to all entities Fixed major bug causing random models/effects to become invisible

To illustrate the potential added by the changes, the creators have included some example scripts showing what you can do. Those scripts include the addition of a wingsuit, drifting for cards, new companions, hydraulics for vehicles, freaking submarines, claymore mines and JETPACKS.

Jetpacks. In Just Cause. Give me now.

You can read up on the minor tweaks and fixes in the original thread here.


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