K-Pop Group Releases Lightsaber Song

K-Pop Group Releases Lightsaber Song

Video: While the world should start bracing itself for a nasty Star Wars: The Force Awakens hangover, it isn’t. Korean pop fans, included.

As tipster Sang points out, boy band Exo teamed up with Walt Disney Korea for this songvertisement “Lightsaber.” The video seems kind of low budget, and there’s a side-helping of cringe, but Exo fans seem to like it. I guess.

But hey, if you think it’s cool that Jedi have to check their lightsabers when going to pool halls, then may the Force be with you.


  • I like the song. It’s ridiculously basic but is still catchy with a great beat. I just wish they had’ve done more with the clip. You’re creating a music clip for a song promoting Star Wars and you couldn’t include a choreographed fight/dance in the clip?

    • It’s a shame they have not included EXO-M as well, then battle scenes would make a lot more sense, like the earlier EXO videos. 🙂

    • It’s like a watered down version of a normal EXO song, and the MV really isn’t very inspired. It doesn’t compare to EXO’s other stuff. No real Star Wars hype either 🙁

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