Kentucky Route Zero’s Fourth Act Almost Complete

Kentucky Route Zero’s Fourth Act Almost Complete

It was one of the first notable games backed off Kickstarter to gain traction among gamers and the media, but Kentucky Route Zero’s opaque charms have remained incomplete for a while.

Two of the game’s five acts are yet to be released, which is a bit frustrating for people who have been waiting since Feburary 2013 when the first act was released. But on Twitter the developer has announced that the fourth act will be enroute to the internet very, very soon.

Cardboard Computer hasn’t announced precisely when it’ll be made available, but they tweeted out recently as a reminder and shared a screenshot from the fourth act, which you can see above.

Chris Person wrote about the original chapter before its release in 2013 and why you should explore its odd charmsIt’s currently on sale for $17.22 as well


  • Oh, that’s been in my pile of shame for years… good to know I’ve successfully avoided the frustration of delays.


    • You’ve done the right thing. The first 3 acts were amazing, the art is out of control and the mood is very lynchian. BUT, its been forever since they released a new chapter that it’s lost its charm.

    • It’s been on my wishlist for years. I don’t buy episodic games until all the episodes are released.

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