Konami Needs Lots Of Money For The Next Metal Gear Solid

Konami Needs Lots of Money for the Next Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has proven to be a hit, selling five million copies worldwide. According to today's Nikkei, the Tokyo-based fitness company has began internal talks about the next Metal Gear title.

The print edition of Nikkei (via 2ch) reports that Konami is mulling over plans for another title in the popular stealth series. The newspaper adds that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, who is apparently on vacation, has not said whether or not he'll be involved in the next title.

Seeing how Konami took Kojima's name off The Phantom Pain's box art, dissolved his studio, and canned Silent Hills, it's hard to see him staying on (though, who knows how this will all play out) — especially considering the rumours about Konami's work environment. Recently, Kojima said what seemed to be his goodby to the series.

"When we start development, a large-scale investment will become necessary," Konami is quoted as saying by the recent Nikkei article.

Nikkei reports that details about the game, including a release date, haven't been announced yet — obviously. While the paper reports that Konami is merely examining plans for another Metal Gear, Konami previously stated it would continue making more games in this stealth series.

This comes amid rumours that Konami just shuttered the studio formally known as Kojima Productions LA. How's that for timing?

Via VG247, Duke Nukem co-creator George Broussard tweeted this out:

Sony Computer Entertainment of American producer Sam Thompson had this to say:

Kotaku reached out to Konami prior to publication, but hasn't yet received a comment.


    Here's my idea. The prologue is the final chapter of Venom Snake and show what pushes him to be the bad guy in MG1. Then the game becomes a remake of MG1 and MG2. Bring Hayter back as Solid.

      It would be cool for the series to go full circle. But I would like to see one set in WW2 following the Cobra Unit. Playing as The Boss (The Joy) and having The Sorrow or The End as your support.

      Epic final boss fight between The Boss and The Sorrow! Just before the events of Snake Eater
      Plus stealth Nazi killing fun!

      Not sure if you've finished the game or not... but massive spoilers below.

      Venom snake isn't the real big boss, he was a decoy all along.So the real big boss' story should be a whole different game, because everything that happened in MGSV was happening to someone else. Kinda lame really.

        Yeah I finished with the true ending. The game just never went further with the story to show why or how he turns into a villain in MG1. There's the start of his turning point with a certain mission in Chapter 2 but it doesn't go beyond that. I think the removed Chapter 3 would have shown the full transformation.

        Last edited 04/11/15 9:14 am

          Yes but... (more spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished below)

          who you play as in MGSV isn't even big boss at all, he's off becoming the real big boss somewhere else, so the character we are playing as never becomes THE big boss so there's never going to be a transformation, it's all a ruse. Who knows what will happen (or happened...?) to punished venom snake (who we play as) or whatever his name is, maybe the real big boss comes back and just kills him to take the throne?

          I want to know what it is that the REAL big boss is actually doing all the time we're being his doppleganger in MGSV...THAT would be interesting, especially if it does lead into MG1 or pre MG1 when he meets Frank Jaeger for the first time and all that.

          Last edited 04/11/15 9:30 am

            I know Venom isn't the real Big Boss, but the Big Boss in the original Metal Gear game is Venom Snake and he is the bad guy in MG1. We never see why or how Venom turns into a villain. We know Venom's fate because Solid Snake kills him in MG1.

            The real Big Boss was starting Outer Haven then Venom took over it and BB did Outer Haven again in Zanzibar Land for MG2

            this is correct. Punished Venom Snake is indeed the "big boss" you kill at the end of Metal gear 1. The real big boss leaves him in charge of outer heaven. Personally I think this was the stupidest twist ever... And it didn't make sense how this non big boss guy was able to do everything big boss could do. Makes me think kojima just did it because he was aching for a twist in the game. The revelation that the big boss snake kills at the end of mg 1 doesn't change anything it just kind of confuses things.... Would've been better if he was the big issues for mg 1 and 2 and that's how he's alive at the end of mgs4,he just retired and lived out his life. Then bullshits old snake about being reconstructed by parts of solidus

              When did this happen? At the end of the game ocelot says that Big Boss is off creating Outer Heaven? I thought Big Boss leaves Venom in charge of Motherbase and Diamond Dogs and that was that?

      We see why he became the "bad guy" already, it's just MG1-2 aren't from his or BB's perspective.

      To expand, the end kind of implies he didn't take the revelation of his true identity very well and it seems natural he would then grow to hold a grudge against the system as well as BB.

      Last edited 04/11/15 9:25 am

        He does smile when he is told he is BB. Something obviously happened between the events of MGS5 and MG1 that turned him. I want the prologue of the next MGS game to show what happened then the rest of the game is a reboot of MG1 and 2.

          Smiling doesn't always mean happy, he also punched the mirror.

          Considering that the manipulation was a big part of why BB first created his PF and the events that unfolded during the games, it's not so hard to see why Venom would grow to dislike BB. It even turned Miller against BB, a long time friend and trusted comrade.

          I'm sure there might (or can) be more to the story, but the motivation is already fairly clear imo. They were already sick of being controlled, and the medic trusted and sacrificed himself to BB only to learn he too had been used by BB for his own ends as well.

          Last edited 04/11/15 10:00 am

            The mirror punching scene is actually set years after the tape revelation scene. You can see an Outer Haven logo in the cracked mirror to the left of him where the Diamond Dog logo was earlier in the scene.


    Anyone else not seeing Tweets and Quotes in this article (reading on mobile) :/

      It seems to be working fine on my phone. Are you accessing the mobile site?

        Yeah, I was - on Safari, iPhone :/ Just reading on PC now, no problems. Must be a little Steve Jobs gremlin.

    Yes, yes. Much investment will be need to deploy the MGS Pachinko machines on such a large scale

    How about they finish MGSV!?!! Seriously. I had to look up the 'ending' on youtube, if you could even call it that. They cut the entire 3rd and last chapter to the game for fuck's sake.

    I remember Konami recently talked about the idea of going to mobile gaming. In that case, I'm confident that this is the future of Metal Gear - http://www.gamerevolution.com/comics/gr-strips-77--flappy-snakes-34981

    I'm honestly quite worried that with the right funding Konami might actually release a new MGS without any input from Kojima...
    I'd be very curious as to how much intellectual property Kojima actually owns and the possibility of a 3rd party MGS title...

    Sadly but realistically, it looks more like the former.

    So even though the ending upset some people, is the story in the game actually well done and good? I liked the cutscenes in Ground Zeroes, I thought they were awesomely done. Do they do that in MGSV? Another thing, people say that Snake doesn't talk much in MGSV, is this exaggerated? Because in Ground Zeroes I thought he talked plenty.

      Not a lot of talking from Snake in TPP. The cutscenes are really well done again however - sort of like how GZ looked like one continuous shot from start to finish. I've only played MGS3 before so I can't follow the story that heavily, but if you're like me and don't have a massive attachment to the series its a pretty decent story.

    Konami thinks they can make another Metal Gear Solid.

    Heh. Heh heh. HehehehahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

    They wouldn't need as much money if they did a Metal Gear Acid sequel instead ...

    Maybe Kojima will return from holiday to take over as the head or at least a higher up executive of the company. Don't rule it out.

    the Tokyo-based fitness company
    This will never get old

    Good job Ashcraft

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