The Time Kotaku Australia Helped Design A Video Game Character

Before PAX Australia we ran a little mini competition.

We asked you a simple question: if you could create a video game character, what would he look like? Well, some of the teachers at CG Spectrum took the winning suggestion and actually created that character from the ground up. The results are pretty incredible.

The winning description was...

senno I’m thinking a chubby sheriff, white skin, many chins, four foot tall, holding a whiskey bottle and a two barreled shotgun over shoulder. Wearing a vest, small feet, large prominent badge, mouse tail (human scale) and buck teeth like a rabbit.

The team worked on the above creation of the course of PAX Australia. In three days the guys at CG Spectrum sketched the character, and created a full on 3D model.

Senno by cgspectrum on Sketchfab

The next step? Well, the model requires animation and must go through a compositing process before being implemented into a video game — but that's not bad for three days work! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!

If you are at all interested in becoming a video game artist, head to CG Spectrum for more info here.


    woo! Nice work! Also yay for sketchfab!

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