Female Link Now A Playable, Official Zelda Character

Female Link Now A Playable, Official Zelda Character

Briefly: Previously only mentioned in Hyrule Warriors' art book, Linkle — a female version of Zelda hero Link — is now a playable character in an upcoming 3DS edition of the game.


    Hell yeah, she looks awesome!
    EDIT: Name is a bit poo though, should've just called her Link!

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      But she's not Link, that's why she doesn't use the name. In the concept art it was alluded to her being Link's sister (or that's a bad translation and she's just meant to be "sisterly", I don't know...).

        Concept art states that Linkle is modeled after the "little-sister" archetype. Nothing about being Link's sister.

    I mean that's cool and all, but Linkle? What exactly about Link is masculine?

      Linka would be better.
      I guess it is more just to be able to distinguish which character you are talking about so people don't have to keep saying 'Male Link' or 'Female Link'. Oh and which upcoming game are we talking about, is ther any more info?

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        Linka is much nicer. Sounds like she's playable in a 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors.

          Pretty sure its a nod towards Link in Japanese (Link = Rinku; Linkle = Rinkuru), without her actually being Link.

    3DS edition of which game? Hyrule Warriors?

      Yup, Hyrule Warriors.
      I like Kotaku's new initiative where the authors give the audience snippets of information and the audience has to work together to fill in the gaps. Makes for a strong community of confused folk.

    Still don't like the name "Linkle"
    It should be "Linka" (from the Soviet Union)...

    I just did a very dodgy photoshop of the character, joining up the panned images.


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    Is there any difference?

      Going by the video they are different in playstyle. Whilst they share some similar moves like the spin attack, Link is much more a close AoE-type character, whilst Linkle seems to be more frontal-ranged orientated.

    I don't think anything in Hyrule Warriors counts as official Zelda anything. Don't expect to see this character outside of this game.


      The Wa thing is a silly Japanese pun making the names sound like they are the bad versions of the traditional Nintendo chracters. Wa-Link would only be for evil link... and worse, the pun doesn't work.

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