League Of Legends Announces Playable Barnacle Monster ‘Illaoi’

League Of Legends Announces Playable Barnacle Monster ‘Illaoi’

A pro-tip I heard straight from a Rioter: it’s pronounced “ill-OW-ee.”

Not to be outdone by all the other exciting video game (and, specifically, MOBA-themed) content coming out these days, Riot just started to roll out its announcement for its next playable champion in its hit multiplayer game League of Legends. Her name is “Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess,” and she automatically spawns tentacles on nearby walls. She was actually introduced stealthily by Riot last week when the company published part three of its text story “Shadow and Fortune,” an ongoing lore event that previously killed off the pirate champion Gangplank (albeit temporarily). And speaking of lore, one fun fact about Gangplank and Illaoi: they used to be an item! A romantic item.

The regional League of Legends sites have been acting funny since the champion reveal started to go live, but I was able to snag some gameplay footage from the League of Legends Latinoamérica Facebook page. It shows her summoning spectral spirit tentacles to attack her enemies in a number of painful-looking ways, and even yanking an enemy champion’s soul out of their body to keep pounding it in the spirit realm:

(Side-note: do you think having your soul beaten to a pulp by a League of Legends champion counts as a “moment of clarity?”)

I’ll have a more detailed breakdown of her abilities once Riot’s sites start playing nicer.

One final note about Illaoi: she’s an extremely buff and stout female champion. There aren’t many women in League’s cast who deviate from the inhuman hourglass figure paired with absolutely gigantic boobs, so it’s nice to see that Riot is continuing its modern champion design trend of diversifying this aspect of the game.