Life-Sized X-Wing Is Parked At A Singapore Airport

Life-Sized X-Wing Is Parked At A Singapore Airport

If you are strolling through Terminal 3, you might notice something. A giant rebel fighter.

You can do more than just look at this replica. Toggle and The Straits Times report that regular folks can even climb into the cockpit for photo ops. A limited number of tickets are given out daily.

Of course, this is all part of a promotion for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Besides an X-Wing, there is a TIE fighter also on display. (While not to scale, it sure does look cool.)

The Star Wars fighters will be exhibited until January 5.

Top image: KashMann27


  • The originals had 2 fully circular intakes.
    I know it’s just fantasy, and in space there’s nothing to go in anyway, but those twin half-cylinder engines “feel” wrong to me.

    • You’re right to feel wrong, considering x-wings also fly in atmosphere…and the intakes clearly have a central cone and fan look about them…basically the same as current day jets.

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