Look At This Amiibo Display Stand

Look At This Amiibo Display Stand

Just look at it. It even clicks apart, like LEGO, so you can resize and rescale the steps.

(via Tiny Cartridge)


    This has been out for several months now. Two sentences, a quote link or two and a marketing picture does not a news article make, Luke. :-(

      You Said exactly what I thought when I finished this 'article'. Nice bro!

      You must be new here!

      It's a Luke "article" or in english = 1 photo + 1 paragraph (the 2nd part being more than 2 sentences if we are lucky)

    I think the inherent problem is that anyone inclined to buy it will likely have way too many amiibos than the capacity of the stand

    This stand has been available online for a while, and i think 2 months in aus. Its way to big for what it is and cant hold many amiibo to make up for its size.

    Big pass.

    I bought one when I saw it in local shops. Instant buyers remorse.

    I've got this, and it looks cool, and each block has a hole in it to place an amiibo. It makes me want to buy a few more and make an actual level out of them to hold my amiibos.

    Not made of chocolate 0/10

    I have had the amiibo stand for a while got it from EB Games cost about 40 to 50 dollars.

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