Looks Like Overwatch Is Coming To Consoles

Looks Like Overwatch Is Coming To Consoles

Since Blizzard announced Overwatch for PC last year, most of the gaming world has assumed it's coming to consoles too. Now, GameStop's all but confirmed it.

As of this morning, GameStop is taking pre-orders on the hero shooter for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, according to clerks at an NYC store I just spoke to.

They're offering the game for $US60, which feels off — doesn't this seem like a free-to-play game? — but who knows? It's worth noting that Blizzard also sells the free-to-play PC game Heroes of the Storm in a $US20 physical bundle, which comes with heroes and skins. So GameStop taking pre-orders for Overwatch doesn't necessarily mean it's not free-to-play.

It's likely that GameStop just spoiled an announcement Blizzard planned to make at BlizzCon in Los Angeles tomorrow, so we'll see if official news hits then. For more on Overwatch, check out our impressions of the beta.


    If it is a full priced retail game then I won't buy it. Pretty much has to be F2P or priced similar to CSGO or TF2 at launch for $15-20. I've spent enough on children's card games and don't want to give blizzplz anymore money.

      TF2 wasn't always FTP though, it was with the Orange box or bought alone. Was definitely more that $20.

      In saying that, I'd rather pay $60+ upfront instead of microtransactions, or pay to win like hearthstone.

    After seeing the ui and seeing how few skills it has per char I figured it would get a console port at some point.

    Not buying it at that price. Here I just naturally assumed that any TF2 competition would follow a similar payment model, rather than being a full retail release.

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    I'd say thats just like what retailers do when they don't have a price or a specific release date. Eg EB in Australia always lists the game at $100 released 31/12/16 for example.

    I would much prefer to pay for the game than it be f2p.

    This is awesome. but as a few people have said it will come down to the price. I can pretty much guarantee it will launch as a FTP on PC (like their last 2 games) and I don't see a strictly Multiplayer arena shooter launching any other way tbh.

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    Sweet, I'd much rather play this on my PS4 where I won't get rekt as much by all the FPS wizards on PC.

      I'd much rather play this on my PC where I won't get rekt as much by all the FPS wizards on PS4. ;-)


    Its official.

    Really pleased to see this confirmed. Very much like the look and feel of the game so far but don't have a PC so now I can get it on it.

    Not a huge fan of this going to consoles. It's going to water down the player base. Maybe it won't matter much but I feel like such a fast paced game with many different classes, the size of the community might matter.
    Heroes of the storm is already seeing lots of matchmaking problems which I think is in part due to the relatively low player base.

    Does anyone actually play TF2 on console? That should be a good indicator of whether or not this is a good move.

    As for the price, $60 might be a starter bundle like for Heroes. Would include skins etc.
    I don't think it will be AAA priced. That being said, they haven't ever actually confirmed it will be F2P. I'm sure we'll find out at blizzcon tomorrow.

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    This probably won't be seen but here's some more info on that $60 price tag.

    It supposedly includes:
    21 Heroes
    5 skins:
    Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)
    Strike-Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
    Overgrown Bastion
    Security Chief Pharah
    Slipstream Tracer
    Overwatch-themed content for several Blizzard Entertainment games:
    Heroes of the Storm™ - Tracer Hero
    World of Warcraft® - Baby Winston Pet
    StarCraft® II Portraits
    Hearthstone® Cardback
    Diablo® III - Mercy Wings

    So that's basically the collectors editions, since that's where blizzard puts toys for it's other games.
    If that's the case, expect the base game to either be free (since this version included heroes) or something like $30-40 which only included the overwatch heroes.

    Side note,
    There are currently 18 heroes... which means there will be 3 more announced before release... probably at blizzcon this weekend.

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