Machoke And Machamp Have A Deep, Dark Secret

Machoke And Machamp Have A Deep, Dark Secret

Everyone has secrets. You do. I know. And so do Machoke and Machamp.

These fighting Pokémon first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. And all that time, they kept something hidden.

Yesterday, on an official Pokémon website, Machamp finally came clean:


The secret? As it says above, neither Machamp or Machoke are wearing pants. Those pants are part of their markings, but not actual briefs. Yep, that’s right, they are pantless.

This is because your typical Pokémon does not wear clothes.

Top image: The Pokémon Company


  • That’s a weird choice to make, many other Pokemon officially pick up items that are “part” of them, Cubone and Farfetch’d being two of them, why would they need to explain away the belts?

  • See, when you use words in your headline like “Deep Dark Secret”, you expect stuff like ‘Machamp grows its two extra limbs by tearing them off a weaker Machoke and posing with them to trigger an evolution’. This is just misleading.

    • It’s a pretty PG-rated dark secret. If they were really wearing underwear, that would suggest that Machoke and Machamp have something to hide underneath them.

      • That’s pretty silly of them. We all know that animals don’t have genitals, that would be ridiculous 😛

  • I can’t remember the game (or maybe it was a card lore), but Machoke actually wears a belt that works as a power limiter of some kind.

  • Not sure if this is just a joke… What you missed was the quote at the end「はいてませんよ!」 which means “Not wearing (pants/underpants!)”.

    This is a reference to the Japanese comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura(とにかく明るい安村)who strikes poses pretending that he isn’t wearing underwear… and then says “It’s ok! I’m wearing pants”. Except sometimes he isn’t like Machoke/Machamp (See 2:06 on

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