These Mechanised League Of Legends Wings Are This Man's First Cosplay

Mechanised League Of Legends Cosplay

For his very first cosplay outfit, Elmins wanted to make a Aether Wing Kayle (from League of Legends) outfit. If this is what he can pull off for his very first cosplay outfit, by his third he'll probably be flying into space, or travelling through time.

Mechanised League Of Legends Cosplay

Here's what the costume — which took "many hundreds of hours of effort" to build — looks like worn. It's impressive, but this is a case where static images on the internet just don't convey how impressive the work is. Because if you'd see it in the flesh, you'd have seen it doing stuff like this:

Unbelievable. You can see more shots of the outfit at Elmins' Facebook page.


    I had seen this the other day and thought that is bloody amazing, wish I had the tools, time and patience to do something like this

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