Metal Gear Solid V Patch Allows Players To Recruit An Old Buddy Again

Metal Gear Solid V Patch Allows Players To Recruit An Old Buddy Again

How do you feel about playing a mission seven times in a row?

Warning: There are The Phantom Pain spoilers to follow!

Go away!


At the end of The Phantom Pain, your trusty sniper companion, Quiet, decides to leave you. This isn't just a story development, either — she's no longer a buddy you can call on to help you during missions! Since you can keep playing The Phantom Pain for dozens of hours after the plot reaches its "conclusion," it's a big deal; Quiet is far and away the most useful companion the game has to offer.

While not quite on the same level as reviving Aeris in Final Fantasy VII, players have wondered if there might be a secret way to get Quiet back.

Patch 1.06 just went live, and besides bug fixes and nerfing an easy way to farm fuel resources, they added a way to make Quiet a buddy again. While combing through the game's code, redditor Brotigan noticed something weird:

Metal Gear Solid V Patch Allows Players To Recruit An Old Buddy Again

Why would the game be counting how many times you finish the mission?!

So Brotigan played the mission again several times, and on the seventh...

Metal Gear Solid V Patch Allows Players To Recruit An Old Buddy Again


Load up the seventh mission of the game, Cloaked in Silence, and beat it seven times. Once you've done that, the game's mission screen switches from [REPLAY] to [REUNION]. Then, finish the mission again and you'll be able to have Quiet as part of the lineup. There's not a cutscene to accompany this, however, so it doesn't really change the way The Phantom Pain's story plays out.

While I wasn't able to personally verify this happening on my own save game, if you're worried this is a joke, there's plenty of videos showing otherwise. Metal Gear players on reddit, NeoGAF, and other places have verified this does work.

It doesn't seem clear yet if you have to complete each mission the non-lethal route, but probably better to be safe than sorry.

Here's one video of this in action:

And here's another:

It's always been possible to get Quiet back via mods on the PC, but now everyone can do that. If you want to finish a mission seven times, of course.

(Just have supply drops hit her over and over, and you'll be done in no time.)


    Quiet is far and away the most useful companion the game has to offer.
    D Dog would like a bark with you.

      As soon as soldiers get helmets, she's borderline useless. Not to mention you need to unlock the silencer for her rifle.

        Her tranquilizer rounds will knock the helmets off and she'll get them the second time around. Yes, it slows things down, but she still makes a great companion. It's those friggin riot suits that ruin her. I hate riot suits.

    D-Dog was way more helpful. He would always find the objective straightaway. I couldn't even command Quiet half the time since her command options were greyed out.

      Yeah when she start to go on the move it's hard to keep track of enemy since enemies does not have indicator after she left her sniping zone. D-Dog is slightly more effective in marking enemies and telling you what items is nearby in a stealth mission

    I just wanna give a shout out to my girl, D-Horse. People neglect you once they get those other guys, but I still love your silky white mane, and ability to poo on command...

    Not exactly difficult, it's the standard version of the mission which can be finished with an S rank in less thank 5 minutes.

    Its good that they did this, I actually unlocked one of Quiets outfits after she left this making me unable to upgrade it, now my OCD development can be fulfilled.

    I'm a fair way into MGSV, and to be honest I'd probably be finished if I wasn't taking my time doing all the side quests first. Being so far in, I think I'm in the high 30's, I'd love to read some of these articles, but when it says 'Spoilers' I have no idea if it's safe to read or not. Is it spoiling the ending? Spoiling something halfway through the game? I'd love if 'Spoilers ahead' could be broken down somehow such as 'Spoilers for those not up to Mission 30' or similar. Anyway, just my 5c.

      It spoils pretty much the 2nd to last story mission, so I wouldn't read it until you're finished mission 46.

        Thanks for that, I'm not quite there yet so I'll bookmark this one for later :)

      Agreed, where is the spoiler alert.

    wasnt there a day 1 mod to put Quiet back into the game for pc?

    You lock up your research slots, and spend a LOT of ingame money to upgrade quiet, and then they just take her away, and for the stupidist reason.

    If you play the last quiet mission with battle armor on, the snake bite retardation is even more retarded

    there are also mods to remove the artificial wait times for items, as well well as a slew of other mods to make the game fare more enjoyable then the cookie cutter cut and paste missions we got served up.

    konami really did burn all their bridges on this game

    and also adds in a security devices and weapons to develop each with their own ridiculous 10 day development timer which can be conveniently bypassed by spending money on their bullshit microtransactions MB coins.

    If you wanted to keep quiet you could've just as easily used the butterfly emblem and/or just avoid doing mission 45 to begin with.

    Konami are rotten c*nts and the latest development shit just shows it.

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