More Games, Please Do This

More Games, Please Do This

Many video games give players the chance to invert the Y-axis, but too many of them force the Y-inverters among us to start the game, then pause it, then invert. Not the new Tomb Raider.

Rise of the Tomb Raider gives players to invert on the same screen where we can adjust our screen brightness. That screen appears when the game boots up for the first time, before players even get to the game's main menu and well before the game actually starts.

My Lara Croft will never look up when she's supposed to look down. Not even once. Praise be.


    Oh god yes.

    And especially so if it starts out with "invert on" as the initial choice.

    Inverters unite! There was a preference on the 360 that allows inverted Y as the default. Not sure about other consoles

    Not even once. Not even once will she have the freedom to move as though her head was *not* an airplane attached to her neck. :P

    But I do commend them for having settings set outside of the game. Hopefully they can do if for sound settings as well, so I don't deafen myself while scrambling to turn off the music, or turn down the volume.

      I find it natural, as if a stick was poked into the top of her head. Pull it back, and she looks up.

      Or for that matter, tilt your head back, you look up, tilt the stick back, you look up.

      I know it boils down to personal preference, but 'inverted' always seemed to just be how real life works, when I control *myself* by looking around.

        Right, but I never think of it as controlling the character anyway - I'm controlling the crosshairs, and my character is looking at them. Possibly a symptom of all my formative years being PC based, with a mouse cursor, but it is what it is.

          That's how i think of it as well. I'm controlling where the character will look.

          Neither interpretation is incorrect. It's what ever feels natural to you.
          Inverted y axis is based on moving the back of the head (tilting downwards makes you look up).
          Non-inverted is based on moving the front of the head (tilting downwards makes you look down).

        Inverted always seemed the opposite to how real life me look around. I don't think "Tilt back to look up" I just think "Look up". I don't think of *how* I do it, I just think "Okay, looking up now". So pushing up to look up just seems... natural. Likewise, I don't think about controlling a stick in the character, I want to feel as if I am them. I want to look up, so I move my stick up

    Personally I can never tell which way I want before I start the game anyway. The setting I prefer is very dependant on the behaviour in how the camera pivots around the character.

      Yep I'm the same, game dependent.
      Although to be fair I generally just roll with the punches, I can generally adapt to whatever the game defaults to (unless it's obviously annoying).

    This is a really bad article.

      I thought the grammar of the articles headline was wack

    Pushing forward on the Y axis should never look up, ever. Death to non-inverters.

      Imagine if someone pushed forward on the back of your head... it would look down right!?

      It just MAKES SENSE!

        Doesn't hold true for looking left and right though does it?

          Do you invert the X as well??!

            No. That's why the "stick in the back of the head/forward is down/just makes sense" smilie doesn't totally work.

      My formative years were during the great space sim games of the 90's. Forward=down, back=up. There is no other way.

    I used to be an inverter but it became more trouble then it was worth to go in and out of menu's when controller swapping with non-inverters, so I just forced myself to change.

    MGS V did it better than this.

    Last edited 12/11/15 10:26 am

    ...but too many of them force the Y-inverters among us to start the game, then pause it, then invert.I thought this was the exception, not the rule? Unless by "Too many", you mean "Even one is too many" then by all means, burn the heretics.

    That font is still too big - its needs to be smaller!!!

    Question is which way you mouse wheel scroll to read down this page????

    Why not have it hard wired into your profile? I never fail to go straight into the options before I've started the game to check that Y is inverted.
    In this new fangled world of infinite digital possibilities, surely it's not that fucking difficult to implement.

      Exactly, why is this not profile dependent?

    I remember the original Halo had something like this in the tutorial part of the first level.

    I haven't found many games that force you to start, then pause the game. Most give you the option through the Options menu before you start.

    whatever happened to the XBox feature where you could enable invert by default? Being a filthy inverter I liked that feature. Back in my day inverting was actually "default"

    Always had problems in my house where we shared our console. Switch controls to someone who'd inverted was always a problem lol
    I only invert in flying games, otherwise it just doesn't feel right to me. Is just down to what feels right for you in the end
    You could do it on the xbox 360 by default so every game was inverted, although they've removed it for the One though :(

    Last edited 12/11/15 12:11 pm

    I wonder what the actual percentage of the gaming population that inverts the Y-axis is. I don't invert the Y-axis for anything except for flight simulators and I find it really disorienting to play inverted in a non-flight sim.

    Y-inverters are twisted subhuman filth that barely even qualify as life.

    If you're going to argue you're controlling your character with a stick in the back of their head, you also have to invert the X axis or your own Cronenbergian justification for your sickening fetish makes no sense.

    And if you DO also invert the X axis? Then there's truly no hope remaining to save you from your mental perversion.

    This is the silliest thing on my bone... the 360 remembered the preference for each user so you never had to go into the menu.

    It is very annoying to start up a game for the first time, get pumped with the intro, then run into a rock and look at the floor. Fun!

    there's a reason why non-inverted is called normal.

    you freaks.

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