Morning Steam Sale, What Do You Have For Me Today?

Well it's the Steam Sales again and I am shocked. I still haven't seen Braid, Hotline Miami or Bastion on-sale yet. This sale is a massive crock of shit.

On the flip side, at least FTL is on-sale. That makes me feel comfortable in the fact that some things never change.

Seriously though, this is quite good. There are a lot of games on this Steam sale that you might not actually own yet. It's pretty decent to be honest.

I have some recommendations. Brace yourselves.

— Hand of Fate is 60% off at US$9.99 — The Stanley Parable is 80% off at US$2.99 — Elite Dangerous is 67% off at $14.97 — Wolfenstein: The New Order is 85% off at US$11.99 — Civilization V is 67% off at $19.99

Good luck out there!


    Wolfenstein: The New Order is 85% off at US$11.99

    I'm so close to pulling the trigger on that one.

      $8.99 on GreenManGaming, $7.65 if you're a VIP.

      The Evil Within $8.50
      GTA5 $39

      All these are USD, but so is Steam.

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        Kudos to you! Grabbed it there!
        Edit: got it at the $7.65 price.

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      You won't regret it. It's a surprisingly well made and enjoyable game

      Worth it. Without reading the comments prior to mine, I also used the word 'enjoyable', which seems to be its defining quality among critics.

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      It's 8.99 on GMG!

      EDIT: Just saw somebody else already linked it. Glad you saved the money!

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    That’s makes me feel comfortable in the fact that some things never change

    Steam Sales. Steam Sales never change...

    X-Plane 10 @ $30 USD for the Flight Sim fans. Not a bad deal at all

    Braid might not be featured but it is 60% off right now. :P

    "World in conflict" is also on special - I would urge any RTS fans to check out this classic. It has been around a while but one of my favourite games.

      Is it working in Win7 yet? I had issues.

      Definitively agree that it's one of the best and often missed RTS.

    So if things in my wishlist aren't on sale, they won't be on sale at all? Is that how the Steam sales are working now?

    Valve have changed the way Steam sales work... No more daily or flash deals... The discount you see now is how cheap it will be until the end of the sale.

    My guess is now they allow refunds they saw too many people in the last sale buying early, realising it went cheaper, processed a refund then bought it again cheaper.

    Wow, to think I paid the full £40 for E:D... think I bought it in premium beta... :) Got my money's worth though.

        I got it, promptly paid ~$500 for a Saitek X65F and then only played it for about 45 hours. Not really what I'd call getting my money's worth lol

    For the point and click fans, Anna's Quest is half price and all Deadalic titles have been shoved into a well-priced bundles.

    For non point and click fans, Anna's Quest was made by @sughly who is a rad dude. Buy his game anyway.

    Just bought Elite: Dangerous... hopefully it's not a space-sim where you need a phd in engineering just to understand the controls. [gulp]

      You will need to print the control sheet out I'm sorry to say, lots of shortcuts which will save your life. At least from what I could see, being a noob myself.

      If you've got a reasonable joystick with lots of buttons, it's not too bad. :) @jusking3888 might have one for sale... ;)

      Learning curve is scary for non-simmers, but if you've played a lot of sims you'll be fine.

        Unfortunately no I don't. I already sold it. I do however have the rest of my rig for sale :)

    Pretty sure I saw Bastion on sale? for like $5NZ or something yesterday. I thought Steam sales changed so they just had everyone on sale at the same time, not different for different days.

    nuuvem has better deals.
    Ground Zeroes for $3 and Dying light for $8

      Dying Light is definitely cheaper coming in at $AUD12 on Nuuvem, but you can't buy it due to cross-checking Paypal address with IP region at checkout now... unless you know something I don't?

    Steam sales make me sad...everything is like 'in library' - I can only hope I bought them previously at a discount :/

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