New Fallout 4 Images Leak

They don't necessarily show anything new, but if you happen to enjoy looking at Fallout 4 screenshots and wondering about what this tiny insignificant detail means, you're gonna love these screens.

The reaction to these leaked pics has been interesting. Plenty seem to be a little disappointed with the quality of the visuals, in particular the textures.

It's probably a little silly and overblown when you consider that, firstly, no-one was complaining about the game in motion when it was revealed at E3. Secondly, complaining about single bad textures is always a bit weird. Thirdly, it's a massively scaled open world game.

Also: we could be looking at Xbox One screenshots, we could be looking at PS4 screenshots.

The above image seems to be copping the most slack regarding the textures.

In general, there are some good screenshots and some bad screenshots, so it's difficult to really deduce the quality of the visuals across all platforms, but that's the way the internet works — particularly when a game is as heavily anticipated as Fallout 4

It's understandable, in a sense. Particularly if you're heavily invested in visual fidelity. We've seen lighting or texture downgrades in games like Dark Souls II and Watch Dogs, but I'm not sure this matters all that much with Fallout 4. It's going to look good no matter what.

And, eventually, there's going to be mods!

You can check out more of the leaked images here and here.

Via Reddit


    There were complaints from day one, people ranting about how the dog didn't have individual hair strands etc.

    I just wanna play the damn game already. 8 days and counting.

      Yeah definitely. It would be impossible to have a game of the size of Fallout with that level of detail.

      The main thing I'd like is increased draw distance for enemies and decreased detection, can go around playing sniper with much more satisfaction then.

      After the appalling (even at the time) graphics of Fallout 3, I'm not really sure why people were expecting some graphical powerhouse here anyway?


        Fallout 3 and New Vegas are two of the most entertaining games I've ever played, and not once did the middle-of-the-road graphics bring that down for me.

        I have NO idea why people were expecting some top-tier graphics showcase from 4.

          I personally never got into Fallout but I remember the graphics being distractingly bad at the time. Weirdly, it definitely was a factor that hampered my enjoyment of the game at the time.

          Something about it just didn't appeal to me, and this was after sinking hundreds of hours into Oblivion, a game that obviously shared a lot in common with it. Thinking of giving Fallout 4 a go, but i'm really not sure.

            The PC versions of Fallout look great with a couple of mods.

            I mean look at what mods did for my copy of Skyrim which runs on a modified version of the same engine.


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              Not a PC gamer so that means little to me. Even if i was, the thought of trying to get mods working sounds like my idea of hell. I'm sure it seems a simple process for people who are used to it but yeah, not my idea of fun.

              That screenshot looks more or less how I remember Skyrim looking when I played it on 360. I'm sure that's probably my memory playing tricks on me though.

                This is the same location on the console version.


                  Damn, your Whiterun looks great! I went a similar route, but mine didn't open the throttle on the extra trees like your mods.


                  It also has an enb preset installed that makes the game more vibrant. I didnt like the dull grey look of the original. Its the Beautiful Whiterun mod I think, that screenshot is a bit old now though.

                  Also for the comparison shot I was really close to linking this image for the console version but then I decided I would be an adult.


                  Oh damn, ok. I thought it was that first town you stumble upon after you leave the cave. So your mods don't really jack up the graphics but change the way the world looks?


                  They do both, its just that with more resources on the PC you can have a lot more crap in the world such as trees, grass, flowers etc.

                  The lighting, fog and draw distance are also improved but you don't really notice that as much in screenshots.

                I know you've said you're not a PC gamer, but I tried out Skyrim mods through the Steam Workshop over the weekend as opposed to the old fashioned way and the ease of it was as simple as clicking one button on the mod you want and install it did. I'd imagine that Fallout 4 mods on consoles will be a pretty similar affair

              Looks good! Any chance of listing the Skyrim mods you're using?

                Unfortunately that's from June last year and I have no idea what I was running :(

                I would have had a high res texture pack installed and the various beautiful cities mods. I was also running one of the ENB downloads from nexus mods.

              That looks beautiful, mate. Any chance you could post a mod-list?
              I have been looking for an excuse to get back into Skyrim since I lost Interest with Morrowblivion.

            It could just be an aesthetic/style thing that you didn't like also... Friend of mine couldn't get into Fallout 3 or New Vegas for much the same reason, yet loved Oblivion and Skyrim.

            I played all of them mostly on PC, but what I did experience of the console versions they weren't anything horrible graphically in my opinion.

            That being said, even the PC versions of Fallout 3 and New Vegas were ZERO reason to be expecting a graphical powerhouse from 4.

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              Yeah definitely an aesthetic issue. Like, you might not have amazing textures or lighting or anything like that, but there's no excuse for an art style that highlights all of those flaws.

              Games have done an awesome job of hiding those things like in Mirror's Edge or Kingdom Hearts. Art style is far more important than technical details, and the fact that Fallout 3 didn't really have a considered art style aside from "Oblivion in a wasteland" really bugged me.

                Could it have been the theme of the game, also? ie, the 1950s futurist/art-deco style. I know for me, that was the biggest turn off, I hate that 50's look, so it took forever for me to get into it. But thanks to modding (which I'm guessing won't be helpful to you, being a console player), I was able to alter the aesthetics for my Fallout 3/NV builds somewhat, and make it a little more palatable to play.

                That said, it's always a bit harder to come back to something, particularly when subsequent games (especially the UI) are much more refined. I love the TES lore, but I just can't get back into Oblivion after playing a shit-tonne of Skyrim. Same goes for FO3 and NV (although, NV is somewhat similar to Skyrim's UI).

                  That said, it's always a bit harder to come back to something, particularly when subsequent games (especially the UI) are much more refined. I love the TES lore, but I just can't get back into Oblivion after playing a shit-tonne of Skyrim. Same goes for FO3 and NV (although, NV is somewhat similar to Skyrim's UI).

                  For this very reason I'm still keeping a very keen eye on Skywind and after that Skyblivion when they (eventually) come out

    Controls would suggest these are console screenshots. Filthy console peasants ;)

    All jokes aside, they usually release a HD texture pack on the PC if they arent already included on release. That and modding potential, my skyrim causes me to do a double take to ensure I am not simply viewing live action dragons in Scotland or something.

      It'd have to be the console version. Even retail pc versions require you to download a giant chunk of the game apparently to play. Still looks bloody nice to me either way.

        Yeah, I havent had a problem with what I have seen so far. I am mostly happy that theres much more to the colour palette, no green hue over the top.

        Whoa now Weresmurf, how big a chunk is a "giant chunk?!"

        I hope you're just talkin the usual gig or two Bethesda seems to require?

        Otherwise it could really fuck my week next week :(

          No idea, but it seems the only reason to buy a pc game these days physically is to get it cheaper than you get it on steam upon release....


            who buys through steam these days when there are other digital outlets that sell steam/origin/uplay/gog keys that arent forced to charge higher prices because a publisher says to

              What are said suppliers?

                greenmangaming or ozgameshop are 2 retailers that sell Steam keys for cheap. greenmangaming the prices are in US$ but with the discount vouchers they provide it's still cheaper but ozgameshop are in AU$. For Fallout 4 though I can't imagine anywhere would be cheaper than $59 at JB Hifi

            In Bethesda's defence at least they've already stated there will actually be some install data on the disc for PC... Unlike the Konami bullshit with Metal Gear Solid V's 'retail' disc only having the installer for Steam itself.

            Better than nothing, but still almost pointless buying retail.

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              No real need to defend Bethesda honestly, they haven't done anything wrong. You don't get a full game on disc these days, everything needs patches etc etc. I mean personally, I'm just getting it to save money. I'll pop in the code and download it, wont even use the discs likely lol

                Are you sure its a big chunk missing, the reason behind it has been confirmed to battle piracy (good luck), so the game will require a download to finish...

                I pre-ordered it on steam because 1 to hopefully be able to preload it a few days out, and 2 Bethesda despite some buggy tittles have kept true to form and are yet to be added to my naughty list.

                I am really pumped but so glad they announced it so late compared to other tittles, i am so sick of being drip fed a screen shot here or there and getting news for games that are announced 3 years prior to launch.

                Last edited 02/11/15 3:38 pm

                  I dont know the size of the 'chunk' they just confirmed without downloading a sizeable part, you cannot play. I wholly embrace their reasoning. I think you're right on the announcement, so good to hear it would be out, then 3 months or so later to have it :)

              Thanks for the tip Kasterix. If you're effectively saying there's no PC version available of Metal Gear solid V downloadable from disk, that rules it out for me.

              Glad I didn't drop any money on it...

                For the sake of clarity, as far as I am aware the PC retail version of MGSV does not have any game content on disk. Only about 10mb worth of a Steam installer if that from what I've seen.

                You have to download the entire game through Steam still. I really don't even know why they bothered making a disc at all... They may as well have just put a piece of paper with the Steam key and download link in the box.

                It's a shame because it's a fantastic game... But I know bandwidth for some people is absolutely an issue.

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    After a lot of deduction and a heck more assumption, the reddit conversation on this (where it all happened) mostly decided that this must be an early build of the game.

    The main clincher on that theory was the image with the radroach. There is a lighting source positioned directly over the corpse, but the container to the left has all kinds of whack: basic positional lighting, no ambient occlusion, no shadow casting.

    Bethesda wouldn't allow the game to come out with 2007 style lighting... that's the consensus, anyway.

      There is ambient occlusion in that shot, Its just the light above has its intensity way too high and is washing out the AO.

      Also the bounce light off the crate is way too strong almost looks like it is stronger then the light above it.

      Looking at that picture again, it really does look like an early industry demo. There's no shadow at all on the roach and the lighting in general isn't great. A lot of the other pics from the game seem to have universal lighting and some really nifty shadowing.

      I'm happy with the look of it overall. Though to be fair, that table texture is pretty hideous.

    Couldn't care less if a few people think it's not the best looking game ever, a persistent gameworld is far more important to me. For the record I think it looks fantastic

    7 days and a few hours until I'm standing in line at midnight at EB Games and then running home with a Pipboy :D

      Agreed. Neither FO3 or NV had groundbreaking graphics, infact both were critiqued specifically *for* their graphic choices. Their gameplay defined them though, making them utterly brilliant.

        I'm currently going through New Vegas again and one of the main things that bothers me is the draw distance and textures popping in. If the distance is maximised and I see textures from a mile away I'll be happy. With the amount of extra memory available, this shouldn't be an issue at all.

        But yeah, the gameplay was what made the games great (still does). That they've focused on making the shooting spot on makes me excited as anything for the gameplay possibilities

          If its on pc, get the 4gb patch and the Open Freeside mods, your jaw will drop.

          it all depends on stable the ugrids will be when it comes to draw distance with the gamebryo engine that bethesda is still using. On pc with the right mods and luck some people have been able to go up to ugrids 15 instead of the normal ugrids 5, though most can run skyrim modded at ugrids 7 which is much better than ugrids 5

            I just had to go and check that. They really are still using Gamebryo. A heavily modified Gamebryo, but still...

            I guess if modders can make Oblivion look better than most AAA games, why not the team who wrote the engine? Half-Life was running on a frankenstein version of the Quake engine, so why the hell not?

              actually half life ran on a modified quake 2 engine and the source engine is just an even more heavily upgraded engine like the creation engine is to the gamebyro engine also you just have to look at COD its still using the Quake 3 engine, again just heavily modified

              edit: the big difference between the quake engines is that 2 was unable to work cross platform when it came to multplayer. quake 2 on the mac would not talk to quake 2 on pc and that was the sole reason why half life one never came to the Mac back when all the other big FPSes were . the entire singleplayer was complete and so was multiplayer but because they couldnt talk to one another vavle scrapped the mac version

              Last edited 02/11/15 3:15 pm

                Wikipedia and MODDB are saying that GoldSRC are modded Quake
                Actually, Quake came out in 96, the same year as HL. So it had to be the Quake 1 engine.

                I knew that Creation was just an upgraded Gamebryo, that's why when you said it I thought "No way they just did another upgrade ontop!"
                But they did. It's a testament to the power and flexibility of the original engine, I suppose.

                  Considering Gamebryo was used for something like Civ IV or Rocksmith, that engine is incredibly flexible when you look at what Fallout 4 is now looking like. Honestly though I was hoping that Bethesda would have worked on a brand new engine when the character models were sometimes a bit blocky in their movement among other things, but I'd expect a similar leap from Skyrim to Fallout 4 what we saw from Fallout 3 to Skyrim in that regard. I'm putting the limitations of the older games down to the hardware rather than the software after you see the mods on PC versions, moreso when you realise Fallout 3 wasn't even (still isn't) optimised for 64 bit CPUs.

    A friend of mine is shitting on this game because it doesn't look at good at Witcher 3. I'm really not sure why I'm supposed to care about that, but he keeps bringing it up.

      Looks a helluva lot more interesting to me.

        Your blasphemy really knows no limit, does it?

        The Witcher 3 was GAME OF THE YEAR dammit!

          Pfffft, as if am ARPG will *EVER* be better than turn based.

          This Divinity Original Sin is ace. & I bet fallout will be a better game too.
          (I didn't buy W3 because I got stuck in 2, no idea how that combat works at all)

          In all honesty, flaws & all (ain't no Origins), Inquisition has to be my game of the year. Would of been much better without the open-world buggery too. Bloody sandboxes ! *shakes fist while keenly anticipating Fallout 4*

            You should totally give 3 a shot sometime, btw. It's much more 'accessible' (CASUALS!)

            Yeah, Inquisition's MMO flower-picking drove me up the wall. Especially when it dangled decliciously nice crafting things in front of me that I then couldn't have because I hadn't mined forty thousand ore. *shakes a fist at Inquisition and all the crap that kept me from my stories*

            Also, I swear I read that they patched in an increase in companion conversations, but I'll be damned if noticed any increase at all when I played it a couple months ago. I wish they'd been less stingy with all the things that I like. Running with a party of 4 warriors is entertaining for a little while to get some of the group conversations, but the infrequency of that meant having to run around and actually trying to play the game with those fucked-up compositions and either switch or keep tabs on who had what gear, and y'know... fuck that micromanagement. WHY AM I SPENDING ALL MY TIME IN MENUS?!

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              Oh man, I love a good menu, for some reason on consoles the menu is done in a way where I can't use dpad & it's maddening!

              My biggest complaint, & I wasn't aware in my first playthrough, is the gating off of progression behind that horrible point system. Was fine my first game because everything is new and exciting, but there's no rrplay value in collecting odds & ends to get a point when there's no change.

              Origins was fun to replay because I could make different decisions & see different outcomes. Even 2, thanks to being short was a fun replay.

              Inquisition's odd jobs become a chore very quickly the second time.

        I am surprised you still call him a friend.

    As a console peasant by choice, graphics are pretty far down my list of requirements. I just hope it's another bethesda game I can lose another 500 hours in.

    Looks good to me. A grey/brown wall close up in first person is going to look average no matter what.

    about to get an xbox one in a few days, has there been anymore said on the mod support coming to xbone? Trying to decide on ps4 or xbone (sadly pc not up to scratch)

      The mod tools will be released (on PC obviously) early next year and console mods will be available shortly after I do believe for Xbox One first I think and then PS4 when ready. Not sure what sort of mods will be available though but it'll be interesting if any graphics mods will push consoles too far or not. One of the big type mods that improved Fallout 3, NV & Skyrim graphically were weather and lighting mods and it seems like Bethesda have done a fairly decent job of putting them in the vanilla game (2nd and the last screenshot above show that off well) so they won't be as much of a priority this time around. I think once the game is out and we're closer to Christmas they'll announce more details on mods once work on initial patches has been done

      XBone will get mod support on launch, with PS4 getting it "Later". A safe bet is to go XBone (Or PC which will have superior modding anyway).

    I think it looks great. Especially the outdoor areas. Not that I care at all. If it can lose myself in the world, and explore for hours on end, I'll be more than happy. Roll on 1 am next Tuesday!!!

    I'm losing my shit at people complaining about graphics. Any fan of fallout should know that gameplay and story will extremely outweigh any problems about graphics. I can't wait for this to get released already!

    Ooooooh, boy. Gonna go trade in some unwanted stuff this weekend so I can pick up on the day. Graphics look about as good as FO3 did at the time. And FO2 before it. The experience is what matters. The story you craft for yourself.

    Hell, I spent entire nights just wandering around looking at stuff in FO3. Hours and hours, just soaking in details and clearing out buildings. Not eventful, but satisfying nonetheless.

      JB have it on preorder for $59 apparently, but I'm not sure how they are with trades these days.

        Sweet as. Cheers!

        Preordering will always net me bigger all, but I have a few to trade. Should be right.

    Hey dude, if you didnt already know there are several game reviewers who got early access to the game a few days ago. (You can watch them unboxing on youtube) its highly likely that these screenshots were leaked by one or more of them even if they are under strict non disclosure contracts.
    So unfortunately these screens are probably of the final game and not a beta or anything.

    People will complain about everything.
    Not put off at all, exactly what I expected from a bethsoft game, if not better.
    They always have mid-range quality, albeit aesthetically good, texturtes, because A) open world game and B) players are just gonna mod in high-res textures anyway (even on the consoles this time round it seems). So yea, this is to be expected for anyone who has played past bethsoft games.

      A thousand times this.

      Gameplay is where it is at anyway for these games. Always has been.

    people have aleady guessed that the 3 demo was done on PC with a controller rather than using an Xbone or PS4.

    compare this "leaked" shot against (stop the video from playing) and you can see alot things missing in the leaked shot (shadows, the wall that moss is actually on etc)

    Why do we always give free passes to Bethesda games because of "muh mods." A shit game is a shit game. If you frequent any of the gamer forums (NeoGAF, 4chan /v/, etc...) there has been quite a bit of leaked Fallout 4 in action and it looks abhorrent--animations, voice acting, the god-awful dialogue system, graphics--but bethesda drone will eat this up just like they did with Skyrim because of "the world and sense of adventure"

    I'm going to have to work really, really, really hard to force myself to just play a 'vanilla' run without an endless clusterfuck of mods. I inevitably ruin Bethesda games for myself with one metric fuck-tonne of mods and their varying conflicts such that playing the game becomes more about the preparation than the actual playing.

      I think you'll be fine 'cause the mod tools won't be released till next year. If it's anything like Fallout NV I can't imagine what the RAM usage will be when I play through it again in 5 years time. with 30 mods enabled.

        never really had the ram issue with new vegas when it came to using a crapload of hi texture mods, but i sure as hell did with skyrim, though i now a nice stable skyrim that looks the way it should have back at release

          It's not an issue so much... but I've averaged about 6GB ram usage on my most recent play-through. Which is a huge difference compared to the vanilla which uses less than 2GB.
          F4 recommends 8GB so it could be feasible that in 5 years there'll be 8k texture packs and ENB's that bring RAM usage well up above 16GB

            Well fallout 4 should be a proper 64bit application and if its done right it will we should beable to use as much ram as we have in our pcs with only mod conflicts being the problem instead of the game crashing because its now using 3.1gig of ram

        Ohhh, I fully expect .ini files, script files, and texture-folders to be getting overwritten/tampered with inside of the first day or two. I don't think it will take the veteran modders long to pull the files apart and figure out how textures are retrieved (and thus replaced), or what variable controls weight limits. :D 'Waiting for tools' sounds more like a console restriction.

          You can stay Vanilla for the first play through. I believe in you.

            But... but... weight limit removal! Perk expansions! UI improvements! Fast-travel while in combat, enabled! Dogmeat skins! Pirate eyepatches! Improved crafting options! High-rez textures! Companion-unlockers! New outfits and weapons! Cosmetics improvements, new hair and make-up! Body-replacers! Ninja outfits! Katanas! Lightsabers! oh god I've gone too far without realizing it.

            Lightsabers are always the point of "I've gone too far."

              NO! stick to performance improving mods only!
              Then you can have your Nintendogmeat mods. or what have you.

      If you aren't playing Fallout 4 with the Randy Savage companion mod you will be missing out!

    Looks like its the PS4 version considering one of the screenshots has a tooltip for the L2 button.

    Surprised nobody else has picked that up.

    just going to put it out there, theres now actual console gameplay leaks going up on youtube, however if you wish to view them you need to be bloody quick because bethesda is taking them down within minutes of them being uploaded.

    the leak i just saw was combat heavy and it look very nice despite being in 480p. it was extremely fluid and against super mutants with new mutated hound enemies

    Last edited 02/11/15 2:57 pm

      Awh man. I hate dog enemies in games, that is not an ideal addition. :(

      Doesn't matter if they're mutated, spectral, possessed, wild/feral, rabid, infected, starving wolves... I hate killing dogs.

    I'd say these are from PS4 - if you look at the Radroach image, the tooltip on the left says in Spanish "Press L2 to lock". Generally even if devs are showing off a PC build with a controller, they'll use an Xbox One pad.


    a) These are from the console version.

    b) I don't think they look that bad anyway. Some of the outdoor shots look quite nice.

    c) Bethesda have never been a Crytek anyway - it's not like Fallout 3/NV or Skyrim were graphical powerhouses. Nice, but nothing crazy. Story and world building has always been their strong suit.

    d) Mods, that is all.

    Last edited 02/11/15 4:16 pm

    Will I need the CD to install a retail copy or just the key? My new build won't have a CD drive.

    Only place I am going to suffer is with my GPU until I save for a new one, Radeon HD 7970, only just above the minimum :(

      You will only need the key but you will need to download the entire game via steam. I am pretty sure a 7970 will run this game at 1080p 60fps easily.

    Wrong, lighning is elemental weakeness i bet

    looks like something ps3/x360 could've run easily.
    Shit all shadows, mannequinlooking models, lack of destructible environments and interaction...

    Just gonna hold out till modders get to work and fix things.

    Last edited 02/11/15 7:42 pm

    Game gimped for console, what do you expect. Another 5yrs or so of this nonsense...

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