New Fallout 4 Images Leak

They don't necessarily show anything new, but if you happen to enjoy looking at Fallout 4 screenshots and wondering about what this tiny insignificant detail means, you're gonna love these screens.

The reaction to these leaked pics has been interesting. Plenty seem to be a little disappointed with the quality of the visuals, in particular the textures.

It's probably a little silly and overblown when you consider that, firstly, no-one was complaining about the game in motion when it was revealed at E3. Secondly, complaining about single bad textures is always a bit weird. Thirdly, it's a massively scaled open world game.

Also: we could be looking at Xbox One screenshots, we could be looking at PS4 screenshots.

The above image seems to be copping the most slack regarding the textures.

In general, there are some good screenshots and some bad screenshots, so it's difficult to really deduce the quality of the visuals across all platforms, but that's the way the internet works — particularly when a game is as heavily anticipated as Fallout 4

It's understandable, in a sense. Particularly if you're heavily invested in visual fidelity. We've seen lighting or texture downgrades in games like Dark Souls II and Watch Dogs, but I'm not sure this matters all that much with Fallout 4. It's going to look good no matter what.

And, eventually, there's going to be mods!

You can check out more of the leaked images here and here.

Via Reddit


    I'm not from the master race, so to me these screens looks awesome! I do see the shitty table texture in that one particular shot though.

    Also, because internet. I believe the phrase you're looking for is "copping flak". To cop is to receive and flak, if I'm not mistaken, is some kind of artillery. Or used in this case to mean abuse. "copping slack" (asides from not being a an actual expression) suggests being given leeway , which is the opposite of what is going on here.

    "Yeah definitely. It would be impossible to have a game of the size of Fallout with that level of detail."

    I would like to point out The Witcher 3 as reference

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