New Nintendo Direct Coming This Friday

New Nintendo Direct Coming This Thursday

The House of Mario will be presenting a new instalment of its iconic marketing broadcasts later this week, its first since the passing of CEO Satoru Iwata.

The Nintendo Direct videos changed the way that the video game giant communicated with their fans, becoming much-anticipated events unto themselves and spawning hundreds of hilarious memes. But Satoru Iwata was the smiling face of the broadcasts and his unexpected death temporarily put the future of Directs in doubt. Eager for news on what the company's working on, enthusiasts have been clamoring for a new Direct for a while now and Nintendo recently announced that more would be on the way.

The next Direct happens Friday at 9am AEDT (Thursday 2pm PT/5pm ET). There won't be any news about the company's in-development NX hardware or its mobile plans, though, and it remains to be seen who'll be fronting the segments. In a way, this will be the first real look at a post-Iwata Nintendo and that — aside from all the game news sure to be delivered — is a major reason to watch.


    Star Fox and Splatoon updates I expect. I have heard there are some new stages on the way.

    Looking forward to the Zelda directs, probably hitting after Star Fox releases.

    What’s the over/under on an actual, brand-new, AAA game being shown?

    I’m betting they’ll announce Animal Crossing 3: Wild Hunt. A spin-off that focuses on the hunting 1/3rd of the 2/3rds of an Animal Crossing game that were missing from the full priced game they just released. The name will not serve to highlight the contrast between what a full-priced game can deliver in 2015 and the half-baked tripe that Nintendo will put on the shelves.

    Next up will be New Super Luigi Maker, which is the stand alone Mario Level Maker but with Luigi on the box.

    Then they’ll finish their biggest N-Direct of the year with F-Zero Ship Designer, which is an upgraded version of the ship designer from F-Zero GX, but without the racing game attached.

    That’s three games for next year! Who said the WiiU was dead?!

    (They’ll also announce that Zelda WiiU has been cancelled)

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        HAHA! You got downvoted by @corimknight just for "lol"ing.

        I was only joking, but my inner troll loves the hurt :-)


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    I believe Satoru Shibata will be hosting this one.

      Yeah, it said that in the email from Nintendo. He's a cool guy, so I'm up for it!

    i hope there is some crazy random game announcement.

    it makes me quite sad that we are approaching Christmas and there is not one nintendo game that i am even slightly interested in

      Not even Xenoblade Chronicles X?

      Expect a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD announcement, along with Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Splatoon DLC announcements.

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