System Shock Is Getting Reimagined

System Shock Is Getting Reimagined

Briefly: Night Dive Studios, the team that released a HD version of System Shock, now own the rights to the series and are working on an all-new, “completely reimagined” version of the original game. Check out Polygon for a comparison between the classic and the remake!


    • Lol! For sure. I played thru number 2 only a year ago or so and it blew my mind still.
      I’d love a remake of the original as I’ve never played it.

      • The original was one of the few times time I got so taken in by the story, I got angry that I didn’t get to someone in time to save them, and even angrier as Shodan gloated over the setback.

        Brilliant game. One of my absolute favourites.

  • I’m a touch disappointed that the franchise hasn’t ended up with a AAA studio. I don’t know that a small developer will be able to do it justice even if they are big fans.

    • Yeah because AAA studios have done such a bang up job of recent “re-imaginings” or “reboots” recently.

      Good to see some passionate people giving it the attention it deserves!

      • Ah, some of the AAA works out very well. Dead Space was pretty much a carbon copy of the plot (and setting) from System Shock 2 and it still turned out pretty damn great (the sequels… not so much). Deus Ex HR was practically perfect and the Tomb Raider remake turned out better than the originals.

        Indie has its up-sides, but it is limited by not having separate teams of dozens of people devoted to individual aspects (like art and sound) alone.

        • I got about half way through Dead Space until I found myself looking at an Ishimura logo and thought “heh. More like Von Braun!” and then I blew my own mind.

          Suddenly it made sense why I thought Dead space was such a good game.

  • Finally, after all this bioshock nonsense that didn’t really vibe well with me. This should be good, just hope they don’t turn it into a general FPS and actually keep pathing and depth into the gameplay like the originals (for their time at least).

  • I am so filled with an emotion that I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t think there’s a name.

    Can we just all agree that “FUCK YES” is an emotion? Because I’m full of it.

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