The New Zelda Is Still Coming To Wii U In 2016

Briefly: Nintendo have just said a bunch of times that the next Zelda was coming to Wii U in 2016, which smells like an attempt to head off rumours that the title had been shifted to the upcoming NX console.


    Where did Nintendo just say it a bunch of times? Is there any more info?
    I'm really pleased to hear this, but would lik a but more on it if possible.

      During Nintendo Direct, Reggie said they were working on the new Zelda for WiiU in 2016.

      Can watch it here if you want:

    How good would it be if Nintendo just scrapped their own gimmicky consoles and developed games for the consoles people actually buy. Zelda, Smash Bros and Donkey Kong on PS4? Yes please.

      I suppose the exclusives sell the consoles. Take Halo for example. But I do agree with you. It'd be nice if they expanded past their own consoles.

      Nah, they make flawless games because they also make the hardware. Nintendo games made on a different system mightn't have that same quality.

      No. They'd become generic. These games thrive on the hardware that Nintendo makes.

      No thanks. I love the way Nintendo do things, even at the hardware level.

      Their "own gimmicky" consoles is what has allowed Nintendo, a gaming-only company to survive and thrive in a market dominated by multinational corporations with near-infinite pockets. While you wistfully wish these games came to your preferred platform (what for? some more polygons? skin-pore detailed textures? as if Nintendo's art style meshed with that), we the ones who support Nintendo and buy their hardware, get to enjoy them. And then, go play the majority of games available in your platform in our PCs.

        Relax a little buddy. I own a Wii and Wii U myself, both of which collect dust in the cupboard waiting for the next Mario Kart/Donkey Kong. Their games and consoles are hardly "thriving" lol.

        What for? Maybe so their great games reach a much larger audience?

        Never said anything about changing their art style either.

          The fact that they are not thriving in your home does't say anything of the market. The Wii U had kind of a rough year when it first released but now it's profitable and still is ahead of the Xbox One in units sold. The PS3 had rough 2-3 starting years for comparison and in the meantime the Wii was the most successful console by a ridiculous margin, gimmicky as it was. Of the top 10 most successful videogame consoles in history, Nintendo has 5; 9 in the top 15.

          Do not confuse your personal opinions with facts.

        THANK YOU!
        Support the creator, the innovators not expect them to supply to ones own self justified whim of convenience.
        Nintendo consoles are great. They are priced well and never break and you get unique experiences other emulate (copy) after the fact.

      Going to have to disagree. Nobody has pioneered gaming like Nintendo.

      Modern platforming was invented by Nintendo. The first 3D console graphics came from StarFox on the SNES. The first really modern feeling racing game was F-Zero. The first FPS to not play like garbage on a console was Goldeneye. 4 player split screen gaming was a Nintendo first. The 64 controller was considered insane at the time, but it pretty much invented analogue controls on consoles. The Gameboy set the standard for mobile gaming twice. The DS set the standard again. Then the 3DS did it one more time just for fun. The Gamecube had the best controller ever made. The Wii opened gaming up to millions of people who never even considered playing games.
      I guess you can chalk up the WiiU as 'not spectacular', so the only gimmicky failure console Nintendo have ever made is the Virtual Boy.

      You can be unhappy or uninterested in Nintendo, but you can't accuse them of being gimmicky. The wacky shit they do actually works.

        Let's not forget that the NES singlehandedly revived the home videogame industry after Atari's E.T. singlehandledly killed it.

        And all this started with a company that made cards. It's honestly remarkable how far they've come. I don't care what people say about Nintendo, there will always be enough loyal fans to keep it going. I don't think i've met a single person that hasn't had a Nintendo console of some kind (usually a DS or Gameboy). No matter how much they deny it Nintendo was a big part in a lot of peoples childhoods and they're lying to themselves if they say otherwise.

    It's just upscaled. Might as well play it on Dolphin emulator for free and now.

      This article is referring to the new Zelda in development. Think you might be talking about Twilight Princess HD.

    The cynical part of me is feeling that this Zelda game is quickly becoming Nintendo's "Last Guardian" with how often it is pushed back.

      It's been pushed back.... once, so far?

        twice so far but Nintendo is saying it'll get a 2016 as currently planned.

      There is normally a 5 year/1 main game per console time period for Zelda games. Yes I know N64 and SNES had two but they have been sequels using the assets again from a time when a AAA game could be made much faster. Wind Waker -> Twilight Princess -> Skyward Sword have had no same gen sequels.

    Twilight Princess was on Gamecube and Wii, why not on Wii U and NX

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