No Bikinis For You, Yo-kai Watch Anime

No Bikinis for You, Yo-kai Watch Anime

Ditto for macho dudes in tiny pants, working out. The Yo-kai Watch anime has been changed for its English release.

As you can see here, via Twitter user WolfyMatt, the original Japanese version (top image, with subs) is different from the English localised version (bottom image, no subs).

No Bikinis for You, Yo-kai Watch Anime

[via WolfyMatt]

No Bikinis for You, Yo-kai Watch Anime

[via WolfyMatt]

No Bikinis for You, Yo-kai Watch Anime

[via WolfyMatt]

In the scene, the kids are watching late night TV and see this on TV. For context, you can watch the full clip here.

This kind of thing isn't new, nor is it unique to the English-speaking world. It's also unlikely to go away anytime soon. For better or worse, scratch it up to cultural differences.

If you missed it, be sure to check out this conversation on the newly localised Yo-kai Watch game.

Top GIF via WolfyMatt

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    In before someone mistakenly calls "censorship", different market means different audience so it needs to be tailored to each market's audience or they will shoot thmselves in the foot and ruin the franchise.
    A fraction of westerners over 10 would be interested in it, and you wouldn't want to alienate them or their parents.

      I didn't know western children under 10 were kept from ever going to the beach by their parents.

      Actually that *is* censorship.

      Whilst I won't disagree this is probably because of the whole we can't seem to show skin on children's show. But changing content for the express purpose of "sanitising" it for consumption because the content may be seen as "offensive" is censorship =P

      My question would be whether the changes resulted in a changing of classification for the game. If not, why do it? It's not like they are marketing the games based on these changes, are they? The changes should only be apparent once someone has bought the game.

      Also, I guess you could call it 'self-censorship'. They are making changes based on the perceived sensibilities of the audience (or in this case, the audience's parents).

      If it's the local distributor changing it, like all that goofy shit they did to early DBZ, it's still a kind of censorship.

    "Macho, macho man! I want to be - a macho man!"
    Censored: "Nachos, nachos man! I want to eat - some nachos, man!"

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