No Real Cats Are Harmed In The First Five Minutes Of The Purring Quest 

No Real Cats Are Harmed In The First Five Minutes Of The Purring Quest 

A classic tale of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, cat does something other than sit around licking itself and sleeping.

Spanish independent developer Valhalla Cats seems to be quite familiar with animals of the feline variety. They have got a cat on their website, and a portion of the proceeds of all the games they make go towards animal-related causes. I admire their passion for what is the very best of house pets, but I also wonder how they could make a platforming adventure based around an animal that generally does not give a f***.

I have two cats. I’ve been pals with plenty more. If my wife died and I aged 30 years and somehow my two cats were still alive, there is no way that A) I would ever be able to walk them on a leash, and B) they would embark on a grand adventure should they escape that leash while I wander off hallucinating my dead wife.

Incidentally, that’s the plot of The Purring Quest, now available on Steam for a little over eight dollars.

Granted my wife/cat experience may differ from that of the wife and cat in game. For example, this scene never appears in the game:

As much as Frank (formerly Pixel) is actually enjoying this cuddle, my guess is the first thing he’d do would poop on her grave. Then he’d take a nap.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so’s the video.


  • Controls look a bit clunky, and showing keyboard controls while using a gamepad should be fixed. Graphics are nice though.

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