No, The Fallout 4 Deluxe Edition Does Not Contain A Dog

It's that time when everyone goes overboard for Fallout, primarily because people will be receiving their orders soon. (And locally, soon probably means like Thursday our time. But we'll see.)

But what you won't get is a dog. Let's clarify that. No dog with Fallout 4. Not a real-life one, anyway.

This latest effort from Insert Coin is a cheeky look on what comes in their "deluxe" edition of Fallout 4. It's not what actually comes with the special editions of the game, because those don't come with a dog.

Or irradiated toilet water that tastes like rust.

Being serious for a second, how cool would it be if you could pick up six-packs of Nuke Cola in Coles or Woolworths tomorrow? I still wouldn't buy it, unless there was a terrible Zero/Pepsi MAX-esque/diet flavour. And even then I'd probably just go for tonic water anyway.

I wonder if there's a way to tie tonic water in with gaming. Besides just adding it to gin, obviously, because that works for anything.


    Hahaha love this, I would love a dog with the deluxe edition (especially if it came with it's own Vault-tec jacket).

    > I still wouldn’t buy it, unless there was a terrible Zero/Pepsi MAX-esque/diet flavour.

    The formula for Nuka-Cola includes aspartame and not sugar. Nuka is a diet drink.

      (one I should probably avoid anyway, cheers for the info though)

    I cant believe how many down votes that has, gamers these days have no sense of humour

    So why no review of the game yet?

      reviews are embargoed until 8am, 9th November US time.
      which is... 3am, 10th November AEDST.

      also because Kotaku AU doesn't generally do reviews.

        Oh ok, I read the story about embargos wrong, I thought it was Nov 9 8am here, my bad

    The quinine in tonic water actually flouresces under UV light. So if you shine a UV light on a glass of tonic water it actually glows blue in a similar manner to nuka cola quantum etc which is pretty cool

      I hate tonic water, but am going to buy a bottle and try this when I get home! haha

        yer its pretty cool here is youtube video which kind of shows what I was talking about

    I guess i'll just have to dress my dog up then if Bethesda won't give me another :(

    Why would I want a little yappy dog like a germeman shepard?

    Heres a way to pre-order the game CHEAPER than Steam. thats a steal lol

    Um, Nuka Cola Quantum is being sold in Target starting tomorrow.

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