Nominate Your Favourite Australian Game Of The Year

Hello friends! We're approaching the end of 2015 and it's time to start talking about our favourite games of the year.

For reader-voted awards, this is our process: we take your nominations one week. We put it to a vote the next week, then announce the winners the week after that.

Today we're kicking off the awards with nominations for the Australian game of the year.

Here are a few Australian games I personally enjoyed this year...

Expand Hacknet Land Sliders Hand of Fate Armello

So yeah, that's a few to get started. What are some of your favourite Australian developed games of 2015?


    I only just got Hand of Fate. Loving it. So unique.

    Currently Hand of fate for me but I just bought Submerged and have high hopes for that. Better play that before voting
    Did you have Satellite Reign last year or is that valid for this years vote?

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    Armello was great fun. Expand dissapointed me (the controls felt sluggish), and Hand of Fate was solid. Armello, while flawed in design, was well made and a good example of Australian indie success in recent history.

    Did Hand of Fate come out this year? For some reason I thought it was older than that.

      It was out of Early Access earlier this year in February.

    How do I pick between Hand of Fate and Armello. Both so interesting, both so unique.

    I've got to say Armello because I think it's an overall better package especially from an art perspective. It's a beautifully designed game and the visuals really help sell the story / ideas.

    I got Expand at Mark Serrel's insistence and it was great.

    Assault Android Cactus - Witch Beam , simply amazing from the guys in Brisbane

    Probably all kindsa titles, but hell if I know how to tell which ones were Australian without looking up every single cool game on Wikipedia... that's EFFORT, man. EFFORT.

    ...I'm going to have to put in some effort later, huh.

      Cheat like I did

        Oh wow, I totally need to add that curator to my list.

          Yeah it is great. Pushed me across the line on some games I was on the fence about when I saw they were local

    Gems Of War

      Story about the people who made Gems of war, they actually had to fire a whole bunch of people in 2010 thanks to the GFC. I went there for a job interview and was 4th preference. There were only 3 positions. =(

    Me and my mates have really been enjoying Crawl as a couch game. Really fun to troll each other. the avg gamers would most likely never even heard of these games.

    Assault Android Cactus gets my vote - awesome Australian shooter goodness ;)

    Hand of Fate gets my vote!
    Fantastic idea and well implemented.

    Came here to see if there was any love for Assault Android Cactus. Pleased to see that there is, super-happy.

    It's a brilliant game, and one of my games of the year, Australian-made or otherwise.

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