Off Topic: The Biggest UFC Event Of All Time Is Coming To Melbourne

Off Topic: The Biggest UFC Event Of All Time Is Coming To Melbourne

Today is Fallout 4 day and I am pretty excited about that. But as a UFC fan I am also on another hype train. The UFC 193 hype train.

If you weren’t already aware, this Sunday the UFC is bringing its very first show to Melbourne and it’s bringing an absolute humdinger. Quite literally it’s going to be the biggest live UFC event of all time. 70,000 people are expected to fill the Etihad Stadium when Holly Holm takes on Ronda Rousey for the women’s Bantamweight title. It’s gonna be noisy.

It’s also going to be historic. That’s the largest crowd the UFC has ever brought to a live event and for the first time ever there will be two women’s title fights on the same card. The lesser known Joanna Jędrzejczyk will be defending her Strawweight title against Valerie Letourneau and in a lot of ways Joanna is the more interesting fighter to watch.

As a fan of the sport, Jędrzejczyk is my favourite fighter to watch. She might be the best pure striker in the UFC — male or female. Ronda will take you down and make you tap in seconds, Joanna will brutalise you on the feet and leave your face a pulverised, bloody mess. It’s a case of choose your poison when fighting the UFC female champions.

It’s going to be an incredible card of fights.

So for today’s off topic I thought it might be fun to talk about UFC 193 and about mixed martial arts in general. When the UFC brings a big event to a new city they tend to bring a new group of fans to mixed martial arts. Are you interested in the fights? Will you be watching? Any predictions?


  • I’m planning to go to a pub on Sunday to watch it where they’ve done the whole pay per view thing. I’m assuming it’s being televised?

    Also what time is it actually starting?

  • She is a living legend and there is something weirdly attractive in that she could beat the hell out of most men. I wouldn’t miss seeing this for anything.

    Such a shame we won’t see Lawler, Condit or Bisping though

    • It’s kind of a bummer that Bisping had to pull out, but Hall v Whittaker is an absolute cracker of a fight.

      • I actually think that’s a better fight. Although I think Whittaker had a chance at taking out Bisping. A win over Hall is tougher and gives him less credit.

        • It is, absolutely. I think the problem with getting a win over Hall is that it’s usually so easy to say it’s Hall’s fault he lost since we’ve seen how good he can be when he’s on.

  • Holm’s expression is one of a woman that’s worried about having full use of her arms this time next week.

  • I actually work about 200m from Etihad, but I doubt I could be bothered actually going there for anything. Still, looks like a great event.

  • Rousey is interesting to watch, JJ is on another level she is spectacular.
    We can all only hope that Hunt vs Silva is remotely close to what it was last time. But somehow I think it will be over much quicker. Silva off the TRT and a much weaker chin, vs Hunt who is finally in shape thanks to spending a lot of time at AKA Thailand.

  • Wish I could go! Actually contemplated flying over for the event. What a card! Honestly, hunt, uriah, sturve as well as the two main events… i can’t wait to see it! Even the premlims look sweet 🙂 Cool to see the chicks taking over the main events too, those two fights are honestly going to be sweet. Think I’m looking forward to the hunt v silva fight most, love those hunt knockouts

  • Both championship matches are bound to be great, and Mark Hunt always puts on a good show. Should be fun.

  • I hope that this match for Rousey makes it out of the 1st, her dominance and lack of competition outside of Cyborg is kinda worrying for the future of the division.

  • I can’t justify the ticket price to sit somewhere way up the back. So I’ll watch it on TV (assuming my hockey game finishes in time).
    But I would love a list of pubs that are going to screen it. It’s always so annoying to find somewhere that shows these kinds of events

    • Actually, I’ve been to a few events where I’ve sat right way up the back and I actually prefer it. It gives you a great top-down view of the fight, without having the cage block your vision.

      • How far back? I went to the UFC193 press conference last month…. sat about halfway down the stadium (which isn’t even the cheapest seats) and there’s no way I’d be able to tell the fighters apart when the cage is all the way in the middle of the footy field. It’s a pretty big stadium, and a very small cage.
        I’m sure there will be big screens and whatever, but at that point I’m still better off watching at a pub for free

  • For anyone interested there is a ‘UFC Village’ outside the stadium all weekend with photo opportunities, Q&A, etc. The weigh-in is also free and should be a great atmosphere.

    You need tickets but both are free from here:

  • I’m not sure if this is on the website already, but EA announced the second UFC game yesterday. First one was kinda meh…

  • Looking forward to seeing it at the local. They always have it on a big screen in a function room and will be serving brekky from 10am (WST). Good times.

  • I cannot wait for Sunday! My lazy mates aren’t coming early for the prelims, looks like I’ll be going lone wolf at Etihad for the first couple of hours.

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