One-Punch Man’s Hero Stays True To Himself In Fallout 4

One-Punch Man’s Hero Stays True To Himself In Fallout 4

Vidoe: It might be too early for a One-Punch Man game, but it’s absolutely the right time to mess around with Fallout 4 console commands and transform the wasteland into a world worthy of the powerful bald-headed hero.

TheGhost made a very accurate One-Punch Man and Fallout 4 crossover. Whether it’s Ghouls, Deathclaws or Raiders, in this alternate version of the wasteland, they all die to first punch.


  • How would a One Punch Man video game even work? It would have to be more about playing with the other characters and having Saitama as a super move (depending on the genre of the game.)

        • Why not let them fall to a single punch? Theres a way to make it work, I can think of two off the top of my head.

          Think of Shadow of the Collosus where you fight massive bosses, and basically have to climb up them to get to their weakspot. If the hard part is getting to that weakspot, the coup de grace doesnt need to be overly complicated.

          Or other games where you fight through hordes of minions, and once you get to the boss himself, its a swing of a sword (or a cutscene) to take him out.

          No reason you couldnt design something to meet One Punch Man’s needs, it just takes a little imagination.

          • In all honesty enemies with weak points would be useless to Saitama, he would literally turn the colossi to dust by punching anywhere.

            I realise that a game can easily find a way to make it work, even a dynasty warriors game would be fine and it wouldn’t be the first time a game has made a powerful figure vulnerable to damage and force them to tackle bosses like any game, I’m just applying the theme of OPM where he is a mockery of all action tropes

        • HA! I actually like that idea, building and training teams and taking on the other heroes, ending in a timed survival against Saitama.

          Heck, you could even make it a dream where he is imagining worthy enemies lol

    • It would probably just be a mobile game like Tap Hero’s or that Kung Fury game. Basically an endless horde of enemies and all you have to do is keep tapping to stay alive.

    • It wouldnt be a fighting game… it would be a sort of endless runner maze like questing game. Sitting in his apartment and a daily quest to walk to the shops, you can fast forward time but if you miss the clues you do nothing that day, your hero rank slips. You may hear Geros get an S rank call or the News alerts. That point its control wrestling to keep Saitama focus on the TV or Geros to keep Saitama bordem meter falling below a specific point if it does the rest of the quest is just mumbling. When you go out you have to run around and avoid destroying anything as you find the target without any quest markers and trying to look for the other heroes running around and then following them running too or from the danger, or following the trail of hero corpses…. then when you find the mission target, you can avoid it, take the damage nothing happens… hit the attack button it dies first hit disappointing you on the build up that running around made. Next day…

    • Something like you can defeat stuff with one punch but doing it in a way that minimises collateral damage or in ways that the public find satisfactory. Doing so raises your standings in the Hero Association.

  • Should not be to hard to do a Fist of The North Star mod. Just have bloody mess activate every time you hit someone. Preferably with a slight delay before exploding into blood.
    Still waiting on someone to bring across Skyrim weapons and armour. Really want to run around with a bow, and some 2 handed axes/swords. Hell, import the magic as well. Role play as an Elder Scrolls character sucked through a dimensional portal to the distant future full of robots and all you have is magic and old school weapons.

  • Have it like what a good Superman/Hulk/Omnistrong Superhero game should be like, have it less focus on you being a target and have it focus on enemies > innocent people. Your HP would be limitless and you would be able to destroy enemies in a single punch, but your timed based on skill, your entrance, and even your attacks while monsters aim for civilians who can’t defend themselves, or perhaps before other Heroes fall. Raising your rank higher based on casualty count, style, and damage to the world around Saitama. Such as: People hiding in a safehouse bunker. Saitama has to fight and destroy the enemies around it, while also focusing on killing the ones immedately attacking people outside the bunker, having to try to achieve a perfect (or passing) score by saving everybody in time.

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