Dying Light Remembers A Boy Who Loved It

Briefly: Our colleagues at Kotaku UK have the moving story of how the creators of Dying Light memorialised a 17-year-old boy who loved their game. A really touching tribute.


    Thanks for sharing that.
    Hits hard when you have kids of your own.
    They did good :)

    It would've been nice if they'd posted the article here instead of just linking it to us. =/
    It's an amazing read. They genuinely cared.

      Wouldn't have bothered clicking if you didn't post this. Glad that I did.

        It's a bit crap how it's been posted here. I actually almost missed the article entirely and I definitely wanted to read it.

    Nice! Poland has a nice little games development industry and its good to know that they are awesome people too! Puts things in perspective...health and family is where it's at don't sweat the small stuff...

    it's a shame it was done in such a shit house game.

      The kid who passed away loved Dying Light. I think that, and the fact that the studio went above and beyond for him (his family), is all this needs to be about.

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