Overwatch Base Price Will Be $70 On PC, $90 On Consoles

Overwatch Base Price Will Be $US40, $US60 On Consoles

Turns out Overwatch won't be free-to-play, as many had predicted.

It will cost you $70 to buy the base version of Blizzard's new hero shooter on PC. To buy the premium "Origins" edition, which comes with a bunch of skins and other perks and is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you'll have to spend $90.

Both versions of the game will come with 21 heroes. No word on whether others will be sold piecemeal.

Overwatch will be out this Autumn, Blizzard says. It's in beta right now.


    That's $USD 60 for the 'Origins Edition' so as always someone here will sell it for $69

    Knew it was too good to be true. Activision must have our money. :(

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      The gaming community confuses me...

        How so?

          Sorry, it shouldn't have been a reply, it sounds a bit aggressive. I just don't get how we (or a significant portion of us) get upset over every single thing publishers do. It doesn't seem like they can win

            Oh nah all good. I kinda get my comment sounds kinda like some kid whining. It was just me kind of having a jab at Bobby Kotick and his lust for money.

            Either way I have continuously bought all blizzard stuff since the original Warcraft first came out back in the 90's and have put in quite a bit of cash in hearthstone and heroes of the storm. It really doesn't faze me that they have chosen to this.

            What does make it difficult now is for me to get my workmates to play this game. It was quite easy to get them hooked on heroes. But now that it isn't free to play. I'll have to think up of some other plan. hmmm...

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              I'm actually in the opposite camp. I'd rather pay for the game upfront than have it devolve in a microtransaction pay-to-win crapfest.

        Me too. You can bet the plebs over at IGN are stamping their feet and screaming how this will now fail, yet they would be happy to pay for it if it had a 5 hour campaign.

      Yes, how dare Blizzard expect to be paid for their work to start earning back on all the money they spent on development. What is the gaming industry coming to when AAA titles are not released for free? /sarcasm.

      Seriously though, games take a lot of money to make and need to earn that money back to stop their owners from going bankrupt.

        Ahh i see where you are coming from. I just remembered awhile back somewhere it was stated it will be free, unless for some reason i had it mixed up with Team Fortress being free. But as the trailers came out, I was thinking "wow this stuff is really good to be free" and everyone at work was talking about it being free too. With pixar like animation, I found it hard to believe.

        I would buy this game either way, free or not.

          Right, but with Team Fortress 2 being free that happened after 4 years of it being available for purchase and Valve getting more than their money back so they could afford to so.

            That is true. I was just thinking blizzard was going down a Hearthstone/Heroes of the Storm model. But then again, all those production values.

            TF2 didnt have microtransactions till it was free though, this looks/sounds like it will.

              This is what worries me, I am happy to pay for the game but I don't want to pay 70 dollars for a game full of micro transactions.

              Actually I'm pretty sure you could buy hats before they went F2P

                I don't think so but the overlap would have been small. Either way in not paying 70 bucks for a game filled with micro transactions.

    I would much rather they charge for the whole product with all the characters unlocked as opposed to nickel and dimming us for every single character.

    Its easy to see its worth the money, at least from my point of view.

      I would prefer that, too. Although I'm sure they've got a bunch of additional characters waiting in the wings to nickel and dime us on shortly after release, so we get the best (or worst) of both worlds :P

    Hmm, I'll have to see how this one pans out, kinda busy with teh haloz right now.

    I'm glad. I've forked out far more money on Heroes of the Storm than a box price.

    Collector's edition is $190 ($200 on console) from EB Games - apparently exclusive :/

      I'm a little surprised they are selling it with 'soldier:76' - he looks like one of the more generic looking characters :/

    I don't mind that it's not free to play, but if you have to buy new heroes I'm not playing. Simple as that. If it's supported purely by additional cosmetics etc. then I'll be happy to play, but not at that price point any time soon; $60 for a multiplayer only game where it's quite likely you'll have to pay for additional characters is way too steep, feels like Blizzard might be leaning a little too heavily on their reputation.

    Much like with Starcraft, I'd much rather pay for the game outright, than for a sub or for pay2win.
    This is a good first step.

    For fuck's sake.

    $70AUD for Australians.
    $56AUD for Americans ($40USD).

      Yeah PC price will be that (I guess I don't know if Blizzard's online store has sales or anything) but you know the dept stores will drive down the price of the console versions.

      Speaking of which, when this was first revealed and Mark Serrels was shouting about it from the rooftops I was determined to ignore it because being Blizzard I thought this would be PC only, now that they've announced on console (and believe me eschewing F2P is directly aimed at the console market) they have my attention!

      You also never get a conversion rate without some type of fee. It's more like 60 which is a mark up of 10 dollars. Not ideal, but It's probably to be closer to Australian retail as usual for publishers.

    No mention of whether this get you into the beta/s?

    No reason they can't do a free to play model with limited access to heroes as well as the retail box.

    The game involves constant hero switching, that wouldn't work. Knowing Blizzard they'll do a trial version like with D3/SC2/WOW

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