Overwatch Supposedly Due Out "On Or Before June 21"

Blizzard's inaugural entry into the world of first-person shooters is already looking good, and according to a new report it'll be fully released in the Australian autumn.

Polygon has captured a screenshot supposedly from the Battle.net page — although it wasn't available when I checked earlier — showing off a pre-order bundle for Overwatch.

Titled the Origins Edition, the bundle comes with an exclusive skin for Widowmaker (one of the two currently playable snipers). The screencap from Polygon also advertises the bundle as being available in Spring next year, which would be Australia's autumn.

A further note in small print below says "expected game release is on or before June 21st, 2016".

Image courtesy of Polygon

The pre-order currently isn't viewable on the Battle.net landing page for Overwatch or the Battle.net store.



    I haven't really kept up with this since its announcement. I thought it was mentioned to free to play, but now there's a pre-purchase offer/dlc?

    Also WoW going free to play or did those ideas/rumors die down/out?

    Alright. Got it. Pre order bundle, so just the bundle and not the game.

    Last edited 06/11/15 1:24 pm

      They never confirmed that it was free to play, apparently now its going to be buy-2-play with an in game cash store. As for Wow, doubtful it will go free til it hits under 2 mil subs. That said with today's release date of legion and the 15 months of the current patch we'll have to endure that could be a lot closer than it seems.

        Yeah I can't believe that the next expansion is so far away. I thought the latest major patch was supposed to be the last one. That's not enough content for 12 months...

        Or they could want to push people to try Heroes and Overwatch?

        Last edited 06/11/15 2:12 pm

    I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow at blizzcon.
    WoW won't be going free to play, they've still got plenty of time to milk that cash cow. Next expansion is in Sept 2016.

    As for Overwatch pricing.... I don't think they've announced anything yet. Most assumed it would be Free-to-Play like TF2 and Heroes of the Storm, but dunno if that's been confirmed.
    i'm starting to think it will be a cheaper game (eg $30) with skins to purchase. Unlike Heroes they will have all characters available to play, and I don't think there will be different weapons or items to buy.

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