Overwatch's Play Of The Game Is Hilariously Broken Sometimes

There are times when the music fires up, the kills flow in, and the Play of the Game is just the most immense thing you've ever seen.

And then there are times in Overwatch where the "play of the game" is so hilariously awful it makes you question whether computers will ever take over the planet at all. Like this time.

I can completely understand why, under the hood, the Overwatch engine would think what happened here was amazing. Because, after all, so many people died in such a short space of time.

It's just a shame that nobody decided to factor in the player's actual point of view.

I actually hope that Blizzard doesn't tweak the Play of the Game mechanic too much. It's a fun, and sensible twist, on the final kill idea that has been roaming around in Call of Duty for almost a decade.

But it doesn't always work. And that's actually part of the fun — Sancho9000 certainly thought so.


    They've said it still needs a lot of tweaking anyway - currently only looks a kills over time and kills in proximity to objectives (so 2 kills on a capture-point would get play of the game over 3 kills off the point).
    From what I understand it completely ignores tanking, healing, support abilities, etc at the moment though.

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