Player Walks Through Fallout 4 Map In An Attempt To Measure It

Player Walks Through Fallout 4 Map In An Attempt To Measure It

Want to get a sense of how big Fallout 4 is? At least one player is already trying to figure that out, at least.

More and more of Fallout 4 has been leaking to the internet, ahead of the game's release. The latest spoilery bit of information that's floating around is the size of the Fallout 4 Boston-area map, which is notable given how cagey Bethesda has been regarding Fallout 4's size. Recently, however, Redditor RedBeardedT shared a link to a video that showcases a player running from one end of the map to the other. You can view that here, if you'd like.

In total, it takes the player about 10 minutes and 40 seconds to traverse the main map. Along the way, the player encounters a lot of, well, desolate wasteland. This is the post-apocalypse, after all! Curiously, you can also spot areas of the map that seem particularly volatile, complete with lightning-like green flashes and irradiated ground. It almost looks like a radiation storm or something, but I digress.

Comparing Fallout 4's size to other games is difficult — many walk-throughs uploaded by players often take the longest route possible, or the speed is affected by the mode of transportation used. Walking — not running through Skyrim, for example, takes a little over two hours. The Witcher 3 also takes around two hours, but the game's map is also segmented in a very different way. It seems difficult to judge whether or not Fallout 4 is "bigger" or "smaller" than other games...and maybe it doesn't matter.

Consider the density at play here. The amount of time it takes to travel through a space has no bearing on how much you can actually DO within that area, or how much stuff is contained within that space. Notice, for example, that there's a segment of the video where the player discovers three different areas within 15 seconds. Who knows what those areas contain, or the number of buildings you can explore? What is the quality of the stuff contained within those spaces, anyway? In an interview with Game Informer, Bethesda says it used a task force that balanced how much a player can interact with and do in Fallout 4, with the hopes of hitting a sweet-spot of not too busy, and not too empty. In that same write-up, Game Informer says that Fallout 4 is Bethesda's most "vertical" than any game they have released before. So, that's all worth keeping in mind here.


    I'm going to say it.... That didn't look all that different from Fallout 3.

      I don't see it, looks plenty improved to me.

      Ugh, are you serious? Go back and actually play fallout 3. You have to be blind to think they look the same

      Seeing as it's running on the same shitty, outdated and bug filled engine i'd say you're spot on ;)
      There better be a day one patch to fill in all the emptiness...

    another thing to point out is that video also shows off a radiation storm as well

    It's interesting that you don't seem to take radiation damage whilst walking through water like F3. Also, keen as balls to get my hands on this little beauty, Game of the Decade I'm predicting

      Can bet someone will release a mod where the wasteland is immensely harsh and walking through radiated pockets of water spells death :P

      you do take damage from walking through irradiated water.

    Has any Aus retailers broken release date yet because several other countries already have including the US. Just need to know so I can let my local store know and start playing already. Gangsta's are playing it, Matthew Perry is playing it. The Russians are playing it. Game stop in the US and Target are giving out pre-paid PS4 and Xbox versions.

      I'm on the lookout, but nothing as yet :( Has to be soon though, with the amount that seem to be out already, they'll have to release it soon before its spoiled entirely.

    I am trying my best at staying away from seeing any maps, clips or other spoilers till I get my hands on it next week.

      Same, don't mind reading articles, or the odd image, but am avoiding videos or map previews or anything like that. Keeping the hype set to max

    ah Bethesda you never cease to disappoint with your disappointments.

      People like you are douchebags. You don't have to like it, you can even hate it, it's your opinion. But starting off with haha, or lol, or lmfao ... what are you actually laughing at. It instantly makes your opinion seem like that of a) a child or b) a fanboy. Grow up.

      Also notice how I used the term fanboy, I thought I'd speak a language you'd understand.

      Last edited 05/11/15 9:43 pm

    Don't expect an early release. Too many big box stores, and even small places will have paid for the access to their mall, or parking or anything already that Bethesda would lose face with them really fast. It is not free for a store to hold a midnight opening, not even considering staffing and security. Part of what has kept these release dates as solid as they have been the past 20 years are those simple things.

    A few copies always slip out, but it just seems like more because of the speed of the internet today.

    Relax, and either enjoy the leaks or avoid them, and in 5 days 1 hour and 40 minutes (as of now) we can all start enjoying ourselves. Or like many wining that they should have gotten the game or taken the day off months ago.

    Best part about the graphics being so scalable for PC is that more people will get to enjoy the great story telling.

    Last thing if you have been paying attention you know we are going up in this one. Skyscrapers, and towers, Dropships Airships, and jetpacks on armored suites. Don't look at the area in just one dimension.

    Reddit thread about this says that:
    1) Fallout 3 took less time to do the same thing (so map is bigger than Fallout 3)
    2) Two people tried the same thing in Skyrim (which has a lot of mountains in the way that aren't part of the gameplay area) and got 10 - 14 minutes.

    In conclusion: I'm still gonna get hundreds of hours of time exploring everything in the map area just like I did in F3, FNV and Skyrim.

    Comparing the size of the maps between games is like comparing penis sizes, even if one is bigger, it doesn't mean that it's better. I will compare video games and penises because I have to. Size isn't everything, it's the content that matters, it's like having a ten inch penis, and lasting like twenty seconds, compared to the six inch and lasting hours, you get my point? Yes, no? Whatever.

    So much talk about map size, graphics, amount of content.
    I'm going to wait until the game is actually released and I've played it myself before I judge it. Shocking stuff...

    Actually, they are both running on different engines. Fallout 3 ran on gamebryo while Fallout 4 is running on the same engine as Skyrim, cant remember the name of it though.

    Excellent - Much better graphics but the same desolation in the Wasteland. (Same pictures - better artist) Not sure what else people expected? Hula dancing in Hawaii? Hordes of Wildebeast roaming majestically across the plain? This is Fallout - it will feature mostly Wasteland. If you expected something else you're thinking wrong.

    I haven't watched the video for spoilery reasons but at the PAX AUS Bethesda booth the presenter (who was a developer) claimed the map would be the same size as Skyrim. 10 minutes sounds pretty quick to walk across Skyrim's map though, so maybe the landscape in FO4 affords a more direct route than traversing mountains and such?

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