Players Are Hacking Fallout 4's Pip-Boy App To Unlock More Games

Players Are Hacking Fallout 4's Pip-Boy App To Unlock More Games

Bethesda launched the official Fallout 4 companion app today, and it's pretty slick! Unfortunately, there's not much you can actually DO with the app yet...unless of course you happen to mess with the game's files.

The app, which lets you connect to Fallout 4, can only be run in demo mode right now. Demo mode gives you access to a few things, like a fake character's stats, inventory, and map data. You can also play games with the app — but the only one available right now is "Atomic Command," Fallout 4's take on Missile Command where you must stop atomic bombs from destroying key American cities. Here's what that looks like, courtesy of Casey Likes Games:

What tech-savvy players have discovered, however, is that tweaking the game's files also unlocks other games within the app. Here's Robert Petersen, showcasing a game called "Red Menace." It's a riff on Donkey Kong, only the player has to save Vault Girl from a communist (of course). The communist throws atomic bombs at you instead of barrels (naturally):

It's not a straight-clone, curiously enough. On the second level, for example, Vault Boy has to walk against a conveyer belt. Eventually, the player even gains a Power Armour, which allows Vault Boy to tank atomic bombs. Heh.

Here are a few more games, showcased by TroyIrving. They include: Zeta Invaders (which takes cues from Space Invaders, obviously), Pipfall, a game where you must collect bobbleheads before time runs out, and Grognak, which is actually the most impressive game on the Pip Boy app. Grognak appears to be an RPG in its own right! Behold:

You can check out the Pip Boy app for iOS here, and for Android here.


    It's also on Windows Phone :D (not the Australian region yet but should be rolled out over the next 24 hrs).


      Finally! A company not from Eastern Europe acknowledging the existence of Windows Phone!

      *refreshes windows app store obsessively*

        Damn! One of the only things I could console myself with after missing out on a Pip Boy preorder was " well I probably wouldn't be able to use it as WP8 hardly ever gets these things".

        And now even that is gone. Cruel, cruel world.

    Grognak the Barbarian!!!! They took the link down but i'll look for another =(

    Does playing it unlock anything in the actual game?
    Downloading now :)

      Would also like to know this. I would think not as they did say the app was optional and not necessary to play the game, which hopefully extends to not necessary to access all content in the game.

        Would be cool for cosmetic stuff I was thinking. New carpet for your base or something like that :P

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