Pokémon Go Legendaries Need Legendary Locations

Pokémon Go Legendaries Need Legendary Locations

Pokémon Go will be a game where people have to travel to real-world locations and interact with others to capture Pokémon. This raises the obvious question where the very rare ones will be.

So for a simple Caterpie for example hanging around the nearby park might be enough. But what about Mewtwo? Or Dialga? The folks at TheVeryNearFuture imagined the worst case scenario.

Pokémon Go Legendaries Need Legendary Locations



    I laughed out loud at Mewtwo's but the one for Mew makes no sense to me =P

      Because most people hate going to the dentist...

        I still don't get it... people don't want Mew?

          As in, people want mew but they would have to brave the dentist to do so and, as Koganei said, people generally find the dentist a less than pleasant experience.

          Y'know, a joke.

    I fully plan on visiting Chernobyl at some point, so I guess I need to get on this Pokemon Go bandwagon.

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