Professional Stuntman Recreates Tekken Moves In Real Life

Professional Stuntman Recreates Tekken Moves in Real Life

Video: This is Eric Jacobus. His workouts might be a little different from yours.

Real-life Tekken! Via Event Hubs, we see Jacobus showing off all of Hwoarang's attacks from what seems to be Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


    Pretty talented dude - check out rope a dope 1 & 2 -

      Yeah, he's been quietly making better fight scenes than the studios for decades now. I recommend checking out his movies at if you can put up with cheesiness in the pursuit of excellent action.

    I wonder what the pay for a stuntman fighter would be. Movies hire tons of them and they never get major roles unless they're the star.

    now we merge the mo-cap tech of games like Uncharted with Tekken 8D

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