Relic's Second RTS Finally Appears On Steam, 13 Years On

They're the developers renowned for some of the most classic strategy games of all time: the Homeworld series, Company of Heroes, and, of course, their legendary work with the Warhammer IP.

But there's another strategy game that Relic Entertainment made that you might not have played. And more than 13 years on, it's finally available for purchase once again.

"Using Earth’s most formidable animals as building blocks, the player must create an army of genetically-altered mutant monsters in a titanic struggle to protect an unsuspecting world," the Steam description reads.

Nordic Games and Relic have worked to overhaul the game completely to make it work for modern systems, with NAT support (instead of the legacy TCP/IP or IPX systems from yesteryear), cloud support, Steam friends, and all the patches released over the years.

But perhaps the best feature in favour of Impossible Creatures is this one:

If you want a rough — potato-vision rough, really — idea of what you actually do in-game, this trailer gives you an idea.

A piece of Relic's history is available now for US$6, although after 19 November (probably early November 20 our time) it'll go up to US$10.


    Please tell me you can have a squadron of flying pigs? So i can point them out to the missus and say "Ha! They DO fly!". Then gain an abundance of quiet time to think about my life choices due to the half day or so of silent treatment i'd likely cop. Totally worth it i reckon ;)

    The idea was awesome. The animal creation was awesome. The gameplay was horrible.

    Five paragraphs to tell us what the name of the game is - FIVE. PARAGRAPHS.

    Come on Alex.

      I read through those five paragraphs a few times before I worked out what the name of the game actually was. I didn't realise it was the title at first

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