Riot’s International League Of Legends Event Is Taking Over Melbourne Right Now

Riot’s International League Of Legends Event Is Taking Over Melbourne Right Now

If you’re a League of Legends diehard you’ve probably already been keeping track of the International Wildcard Allstars event that Riot is hosting down in Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena. But if you’re not and you’re after some light-hearted Thursday night viewing, then it might be a good time to catch up.

Most of today’s matches have already come to a close, although from the time this post goes up you’ll still be able to catch the Australians, Turkish, Oceanian all-stars and top League players from the CIS regions battle it out. The last match starts at 9:00PM according to the schedule, so I wouldn’t be surprised if everything wraps up around 10:00PM.

If you don’t catch out on the action today, don’t fear though: you can always watch the previous matches through Riot’s profile, or directly through their website.

The grand final is due to kick off around 3:00PM Sunday, with the final matches on Friday and Saturday scheduled for 8:00PM each so you know how long the nights are expected to run. It’ll be worth watching if only for the fact that it’s one of the few truly international events being hosted in Australia, albeit with a much higher production quality and exposure courtesy of the League of Legends machine.


  • I’ve got tickets for Saturday. I’ve probably got a spare one if anyone wants it. I’ll probably only go for an hour or two, I have zero interest in LoL … but I missed PAX and I would feel all dirty without spending frivolously on gaming stuff for the year. Plus, I’ll get a showbag. 😀

    [edit: typo]

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