Rocket League Gets Mutators, Fallout 4, Unreal Tournament And Reddit Antennas

Rocket League has already been one of the most memorable games this year in GIF format, so I suppose it was only appropriate that the developers would eventually make it possible for the internet to honour everything else while you're boosting across the stadium.

It's a 665mb patch that was pushed out earlier today. It's the patch that adds the much-awaited mutators to Rocket League, and there's a special "Mutator Mashup" playlist in the game's unranked mode that should prove a good laugh for half an hour or so.

But that's not all that Psyonix has wedged into the hefty patch, with players now able to toggle weather effects on or off (useful for consoles or old PCs) and a string of antennas and community flags for video games.

The full list of games that have now been immortalised in Rocket League are as follows:

Added “Community Flags” Day[9]TV Game Awards – Logo PC Gamer PS Nation Reddit RL Garage Something Awful Added “Video Games” (PS4) Driveclub Fallout – Vault Boy Oddworld – Abe Oddworld – Glukkon Oddworld – Necrum Oddworld – Rupture Farms Unreal Frag Center Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament (Classic) Unreal Tournament – Blue Unreal Tournament – Flak Shell Unreal Tournament – Red Unreal Tournament 2004

As for the mutators, here's the full list of options and presets you'll be able to play with:

Presets Beach Ball – A huge, slow, lightweight ball with a lot of bounce Cubic – Cube shaped ball and recharging boost Demolition – Demolish opponents on contact in a high gravity matchup Moonball – Low gravity action with a whole lot of boost Pinball – The ball is small, light, fast and bouncy… and a lot to handle Time Warp – Slow down the action as you get close to the ball Custom Options Match Length – 5, 10, 20 Minutes, and Unlimited Max Score – Unlimited, 1 Goal, 3 Goals, 5 Goals Game Speed – Default, Slo-Mo, Time Warp Ball Max Speed – Default, Slow, Fast, Super Fast Ball Type – Default, Cube Ball Weight – Default, Light, Heavy, Super Light Ball Size - Default, Small, Large, Gigantic Ball Bounciness - Default, Low, High, Super High Boost Amount – Default, Unlimited, Recharge (Slow), Recharge (Fast), No Boost Boost Strength – 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 10x Gravity – Default, Low, High, Super High Demolish – Default, Disabled, Friendly Fire, On Contact, On Contact (FF) Respawn Time – 3 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 1 Second

Other changes and fixes in the patch include the ability to disable crossplay on PS4, better controller detection on PC for those who plug in their controllers after starting the game, as well as the ability to see other users on Steam you've recently played with. The full patch notes are here.


    Where's the Xbox One version!?!
    They keep hinting at it....

    Far out - Trying to collect all the bloody collectibles for Platinum and they throw more in?!


    Finally proper cross play disablement - sick of PC players and their lag ruining games!

    And here I was thinking it was the potato users ruining it for the rest of us.

    How exactly is lag caused by being a PC player?

      I think you should take a short break from /r/pcmaster race...... Before you get too far down into the cult of mindless followers in there. It's toxic as fuck.

      The only way I could tell who was a PC player was the ability to type comments as you played. Pretty hard for me with a PS4 controller. I always thought the lag was just our brilliant Aussie Internet.

    Not sure about the mutators. Seems to me to spoil the purity of the game.
    5 minutes of pure fun.

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