RollerCoaster Tycoon World’s Best Coasters Would Kill You In Real Life

It’s nice that we can have things in video games that wouldn’t be possible in real life. And judging by the latest video put out by the RollerCoaster Tycoon World team, one of those things includes the ability to ride a coaster without fear of getting sconed by the support beams.

Nvizzio, the developers who are finally bringing RollerCoaster Tycoon World into reality after the project was handballed back and forth, announced the results of a public Coaster Contest recently on their blog. The idea was pretty simple: make a rollercoaster, post a video, win a Steam Machine for your efforts.

I won’t link most of the videos here because the frame rate on them is really pretty awful. But what I did find interesting was Nvizzio’s montage of the top 20 coasters, which were decided through a mix of votes from Alienware, the developers and the public.

In it, a lot of the coasters seem to ignore one fun fact: the fact that the support beams seem way, way too close to the heads of the people who would actually be in the rides. Check out what I mean below.

Rollercoasters are frightening enough to me already, but the prospect of having a beam so close you could kiss your arm goodbye if it was hanging out … no. Nope. Not for me.

In any case, the winning coaster was Rickety Railroad. It looks like a fairly innocuous, placid coaster, but on the bright side it certainly wouldn’t kill any of its occupants. There’s certainly no overhanging support beams, twists or turns that would place anyone in danger. It actually looks like the kind of coaster that might be viable in-game.

I’d prefer a coaster that killed all its occupants or launched them into the next postcode, but I always liked my theme parks to have a bit of a GTA vibe to them.

How nefarious are you when it comes to building rollercoasters?

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