Decoy. We talked about this. You're not allowed to guess anything but Biker Mice From Mars. Goddammit!

(Well done, you totally guessed that Liondrive's Scribble was Red Dead Redemption.)

Today's drawing comes from Fester! Good luck everyone!


    BUBSY! In claws encounters of the furred kind!

    Last edited 06/11/15 12:24 pm

      dammit scree! beat me by a minute :p

        I actually knew this one!

      For posterity! One of the best themes from the generation!

      Gah! Another game I know well but beat to because of this thing called life.

      Ranting aside, good go, scree, :-)

        I have never guessed any of these before, so you won't have to worry about me stealing another one again =P

      Ah yeah, Bubsy in those stupid water slides that never made a lick of sense, or the sewer pipes that also made zero sense.

      That damned game!

    Looks like a particular part from either Metroid Prime or Metroid Prime 2: Echoes...


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