Congrats to Xerebus who managed to guess that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Iggy's Reckin' Balls, a game I didn't even know existed! Well done. And thanks to Linkwick for sending in the drawing!

Today's drawing comes from my good buddy Ashigaru. Good luck everyone!


    SimCity 2000. Or 3000, the curved road hints as such but the powerline tiles hints at the predecessor.

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      Agreed. Looks like Sim City 2k to me too.

        I'm 99.9% Sure it is SC2K. It's just that one piece of road that is throwing me off.

          Yeah I stuffed up on the road bend in my head... my bad!

            Waaaaaait a minute.....

            Ashigaru drew the scribble-taku......

            Has a made a comment about the correctness................

            Aligns with what I said earlier.......................................

            HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!
            Had you going for a moment, didn't I?

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      I really wanted it to be Katamari, but you're probably right haha

      To keep it fair, I'm just gonna pick one.

      I think it's SimCity 2000.

      If someone guesses SimCity 3000 and it's right, I raise no objection to said person being declared the winner.


      I came here to say the same answer, but you beat me to it! I spent so much time in that track editor :D

      +1 for Stunts. (Was too slow though!!)

        Me too :(
        +1 on Stunts, aka the thing that took up too much of my time in the early 90s :)


      It might actually be one of the older fallout games, the road angle is right, i just cant find a picture of anything that looks correct.

      I was going to submit a Fallout 4 scribble, just to see if anyone thought of it. Glad I didnt now :)

        But what if it's not fallout and you could still totally do it ;)

          Was more the thought of doing a scribble for day one of a AAA release, mostly for the giggles. Or Biker Mice From Mars, so decoy could move on to something else :)

          /jk decoy

          More thinking of the fun of doing something a little different to mix things up, thats all. FO4 was really just that next big game on the horizon.

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