Well, something weird happened and we lost yesterday's ScribbleTaku post. I have no idea what happened.

Anyway, let's talk about the last ScribbleTaku, which was just ridiculously good looking and well drawn. Amazing job Ashigaru.

But someone still guessed it correctly! It was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Congrats to kazuki5000 for guessing correctly.

Today's drawing is by me. It is terrible. Good luck!

Don't forget you can send in your own scribbles to me at this email address!



      Yep, looks like the bucket from Foundry.

      You're saying it looks like the bucket from Foundry?

      Yep, looks like the bucket from Foundry.

      *jumps on bandwagon*

      Yep, looks like the bucket from Foundry.

      It has a similar visual representation to a liquid containment device found in a stage who's appellation is simply "Foundry".

        I believe that this mismatch of lines and squiggles is intended to represent a device intended for the safe storage and transport of liquids and on the rare occasion Tony Hawk himself, the tales speak of such a device being located in the Foundry though tales are oft found to be fabrication.

      Foundry bucket by the looks of things.

      I can't upvote comments for some reason but you're all getting gold star stickers

      I feel like there's voices inside my head telling me 'looks like the bucket from foundry'

    Desk Lamp on a Table Simulator.

    What we can have a Goat and bread simulator but that's too far fetched?!

      Nope this is 2 Farfetch'd :P

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