So no-one guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku. Probably because my artistic skills are... not great. Also the game was pretty vague.

It was Daley Thompson's Decathlon. A game that was personally responsible for ruining at least two Kempston Joysticks in my house. That game was awesome.

Today's scribble comes from dr_van_nostrand.

Good luck!


    Skate or Die?
    Or Harace Goes Skiing :P

      BTW, this just reminds me of all the crazy 8bit skating games. It isn't it, but does anyone else remember Street Surfer, and the oh-so-rad title screen? And the weirdness of Horace goes skiing? Why are there no game mascots named Horace any more?

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        All I remember is those two parts of California Games.

          The surfing on California Games on the lynx was awesome.

            My favourite was always the BMX. If only because it seemed like the one to hold the most promise of exciting new and unexplored areas, if only I could get good enough to reach them.

            Actually I guess the rollerskate one had that too, but I never liked it quite as much. Felt a little more cheap in how easily it killed you.

              They both had endings.

              The BMX one had you stopping on a target drawn on the ground which was pretty tough given how fast you needed to go to get past the hills and obstacles.

              The rollerskating had an ice cream stall in the back ground that you would inevitably miss 9 times out of ten, causing the skater to say "Grodey! No ice cream."

      Gotta be skate or die


    Ski Free

      As free as the wind blo-ows...

      Just wait for the abominable snowman. Was it ever possible to not be eaten by him?

        That thing use to scare the crap out of me as a child...

    720 degrees

    skifree for shiz

    Decathlon, I never played that, but I did destroy some joysticks playing summer games. Could never beat my brother at the pole vault though. He was the master.

    damn wanted to say ski free but someone got in b4... Maybe Winter games on the NES.

    The snowboarding section in the PS1 'classic' Rushdown.

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