Hello ScribbleTaku friends. Yesterday's drawing by dr_van_nostrand was Skate or Die! Congrats to everyone who guessed correctly, especially poita who was first! Nicely done.

Today's drawing comes from Ashigaru, who does more ScribbleTakus than I do! They're also way better than mine!

Good luck everyone!

If you want to send in your own drawing, email them here


    Virtua Cop

      I support this theory

        Yep, looks like the bucket from Foundry.

      its actually virtua cop 2, but points to Beavwa, was just looking up to see if he was right.

      Last edited 20/11/15 12:33 pm

        Yeah, #2 was the one I spent so much time playing through at those Sunday morning lock ins with unlimited credit.
        (Don't think I've ever played #1)

    Bit stereotypical of you all to assume he is a robber and it is a cop game. He may be a very cautious home handy man.

      How dare they assume that 'guy with face burned off and now totally bandaged that also happens to be holding a comically small flag' is a robber!

    Biker Mice from Mars.

    But heed my warning Serrels! For past transgressions and exclusion of the Decoy name from deserved self-gratification (check where this scribbletaku came from) I hence forth will be putting an embargo on Biker Mice from Mars until further notice!

      Oh yeah! Well I hereby put a perpetual embargo on any of your embargoes including the one you have placed on @markserrels.

      [Realises I've acted just like Bethesda.]


      Last edited 20/11/15 1:18 pm

    Do the pictures have to be of good quality drawing wise to be uploaded?

      I think they just have to be guessable. @Ashigaru tends to go overboard with the detail, but not all of us have his s̶p̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ talent

        Righto time to get working on my team buddies picture then... oh wait dammit.

        It really is spare time :P 10 minutes at work as a 'mental break.' It's genius!!

    Team Fortress 2? Looks kinda like the spy. Kinda. If ya squint. lol

    Cooking Mama.

      Oh my god, this is quite possibly the best Scribbletaku guess I've seen.


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